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Have you seen/witnessed/watched something lately that made your jaw drop?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) May 27th, 2010

I watched this week’s episode of Glee this week and (SPOILERS) the scene where Finn used the word “faggy” and Kurt’s dad reamed him out… wow. I just posted a couple of weeks ago about the word “fag” and so a lot of you know how I feel about it. I didn’t even realize my mouth was hanging open until the scene ended.

Can we not even talk about my huge straightgirl crush on Chris Colfer? I want to be his friend and have him sing Bad Romance and Defying Gravity to me every day.

What have you seen lately that left you slack-jawed?

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yeah, watching Booth and Dr. Brennan “making whoopee” last night… dang, it was just a dream!

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HS Duncan Keith on the Black Hawks taking a puck right in the kisser the other night…POW-OW puck blasted out 7 of his front teeth and he came back out and played the 3 period! That was just plain crazy!

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@Cruiser The kids and I watched that and it is all we could talk about the next day. All three of us kept saying: No Way!

Last night my 10 year old was telling me about watching other kids play a violent video game about zombies. Then he said “That stuff isn’t real, Charles Dickens has taught me about what is real. Oliver Twist, now that is real. But I am having a hard time understanding a Tale of Two Cities.” With my jaw open I said “I have a hard time understanding that story too.” He wants to read it together this summer. This should be interesting.

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Seeing these pictures yesterday. G-u-t r-e-n-c-h-i-n-g.

Warning: link not for the faint hearted, or for those eating food right now, hehehe. Oh and the video is on YouTube…if you dare…

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@HTDC: I only have one thing to say about those pictures. Ready?


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Thread closed @HTDC wins!...move along! Duncan is tough but Aparicio there is hard core or should I say hard gored?

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my throat feels all thick and swollen now. And my teeth hurt.

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what is really going to make my jaws drop, if the Celtics lose the playoffs against the Majic!

it does not look good!

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Seeing belarus and Malta’s entry into this years Eurovision song contest.

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I fell asleep while watching Belarus’ entry. :)

The thing that made my jaw drop was my friends discussing the concept of “⅔ rape”. (Yes, this involves drunk college girls having sex at parties and then not remembering it).

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BoBo 1946 is right about the possible Magic comeback. Almost as jaw dropping is a tobacco smoking baby on YouTube!

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loll… that is funny! @MrsNash yes, after game four….when the Majic did not give up…knew there was going to be a series. Also, the age of the Celtics is a concern the longer the series goes…

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Not lately but there are two incidents immediately come to mind. The first was watching a foreign tv news station play a video clip of a hostage having their head cut off by captors. The blood surge/spray even when hooded told me the man was alive when this was done and I was sick to my stomach.

The other thing comes to mind is a video someone forwarded me by e-mail that showed a small kitten having it’s head crushed under a woman’s high heeled shoe.

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@Neizvestnaya: I… um…


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Watching Cuddy smoochin’ up to House- 2 finger gag.

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