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Anyone else enjoy the music on Idol last night?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36630points) May 27th, 2010

Was that an awesome group of guests or what? And it seemed to bring out the best in the guests and the contestants. Any thoughts?

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Nope…watched A.I. for 8 years until this year…rather watch Bones or the LifeTime channel!

I want Paula back…

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This is the first year I’ve watched it and guess what? Paula was back last night.

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I was out and missed the whole thing. Boo!

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Fuck American Idol and the horse it rode in on. Crystal Bowersox is at least three times as talented as that git who won.

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@dpworkin Lisa Morales had an interesting take on why Lee won in this morning’s Washington Post. Here is the link.

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Hey, thanks, she is good. I never read her before.

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@dpworkin She is very good! A pleasant find when I got to the Washington area.

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great set of artist last night. I remember Janet Jackson’s performance the most! and it wasn’t because of her singing either. (__|__) is all I’m saying…

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