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If I want to learn to play the piano do I have to have a actual piano in the house?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) May 29th, 2010

I am 16 and I want to pick up some sort of hobby. I would really love to learn to play the piano. My cousin started lessons when we were younger, and her family bought a big piano for her to practice. I want to learn but my house is not big enough for a piano. Can I get away with some sort of keyboard? If so, what kind should I buy, and how expensive are they typically? (price range)

I think I might be good at playing the piano, one time while getting a manicure the manicurist asked if I played the piano, when I said no she said I have piano hands (long fingers, delicate hands or something) Then she suggested I start hand modelling, it was funny :)

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Yeah, don’t worry about it. Just get a keyboard. The basic principals still apply. Anything lacking in your experience, (I don’t know what would be but I’m sure some pianist could tell you,) can be made up for later if you really get into the skill. Besides, it’s the digital age, you’ll probably end up doing a lot of playing on keyboards anyway.

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You don’t have to have a piano in your house… but it does make it more convenient for practicing. You can find an inexpensive electric keyboard.. or go all out and buy the best Yamaha out there. My high school had music teachers that offered lessons and after-school practice time on the school instruments. It was really nice.. You should look into that. I know a lot of kids don’t want to be considered a “band-o”, but if you want to learn, it’s a great way to start!

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No, there are several practice keyboards you can purchase or rent, and your instructor would probably have a practice room with a piano you can use. There are keyboards that hook up to the computer and provide lessons without even using a teacher.

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@andreaxjean I was thinking of getting a Yamaha, but then I looked on ebay and they are like over $4000!! I’m surprised at how expensive they are. Do you know if I can get them cheaper?

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@desiree That must be like WAY top of the line. There are a bunch on for under $200. This one is a good deal. Free shipping on it, too. =]

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oops wrong question

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I have this one. I got it for 90 bucks at CostCo. I suck but it is fun to play with. And I have it hooked up to my computer so I can use Reason with it.

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@andreaxjean Wow, that one seems good. Thanks!

@johnpowell I have one from when I was a kid and it looks like it can work until I buy a nice one. The one that you have looks pretty good for $90!

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When we looked into getting piano lessons for one of my children, the instructor said a keyboard was fine for practice, but to make sure it had a full octave of keys, whatever that means. We bought a keyboard, but never got the lessons!

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Yes a keyboard will do while you are still learning. You won’t be needing to use all the keys initially, but as you progress it would be wise to purchase a piano (or at least a keyboard with weighted keys), so the feel of the instrument is the same as a piano.
@augustlan A full size piano has 88 keys – 8 octaves.

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Yamaha and even Casio have nice beginning keyboards.

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On Craig’s list, people are giving away pianos. A friend just got a free Steinway upright; she had to pay $500 for trucking and setting up in the house, plus a piano tuner. But she has a really top-quality piano now that will last her a lifetime.

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If you are serious about the piano, as opposed to keyboard in general, try to find a board with weighted keys, so you build up the necessary mucles in your hands and fingers.

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@gailcalled Wow a Steinway!! Someone certainly didn’t know the worth of that piano.

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If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, a computer/software instrument is the way to go.

You would need a keyboard called a “midi controller” with USB connection. You can get one for about $75. You would also need music software, that would be about $80. If your on a pc look into ablton live. If you are on a mac, GarageBand comes with you system and includes video training to learn the piano.

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@Yetanotheruser Yeah when I go to the music store in a couple of weeks I’ll be sure to mention I want weighted keys.

@partyparty The little keyboard I have now only has like 22 keys or something. Its brutal, I’m definetly buying a keyboard with all 88 keys.

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You don’t need to have a piano but ideally, it’s just better all around.

You can purchase full size, 88 keyboards, but they’re still not the same as playing the real thing.

If you buy a keyboard with only 60 or 70 keys, you’re running short on keys and will often find yourself playing easier music, than ones that require you to play an octave lower or higher.

Keyboards are relatively cheaper than pianos but it varies. If you get a keybaord, try and find one that’s weighted as opposed to a non weighted keyboard. Weighted keyboards have the look and feel of a real piano.

Don’t forget…you can get foot pedals and headphones for the keyboard.

Keep in mind a more expensive piano or keyboard doesn’t necessarily mean it plays better.

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