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Pick this apart. A simple way to make an ev self sustaining.

Asked by Arthur (8points) May 30th, 2010

The only reason an ev can not be truly self sustaining is because you simply can not charge a battery while there is a load on it. However if you were able to remove the load, you could then recharge the batteries. My ev runs on 24 12v deep cycle lead acid batteries I get a range of nearly 70miles on a charge. But what I am goin to be installing will in theory recharge the drive batteries while the car is in operation. I will add 4 more batteries. These batteries are wired to four individual alternators. A switching plate has to be designed to take the load off the drive batteries and put it on the alternator bank. One alternator then runs the 96v dc motor while the other 3 are seriesed together to recharge the battery pack. On the bench this charge only takes about 15mins. so if I have to take say a long trip I figure if it works I can go about 250–300 miles before the alternator batteries have to be charged. and charging 4 batteries compared to all 28 batteries wont take no time at all, just have to find some1 to supply the juice

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I think one answer would be for those people who can, to turn their houses into little power plants. A large number of homes in this country could be fitted for solar power, and in some places, wind power or some fossil fuel alternative, at least enough to power ev cars for a day’s driving. An awful lot of people put 70 or fewer mile on a car per day. To and from work, get the kids to their activities and appointments, run errands like the grocery store, etc. Then you charge for the next day. Storing the power in batteries in your home for each day’s charge, rather than putting the burden on the car to hold the power would be more practical.

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yeah but whats needed is a long range EV. when that happens people will start to take notice

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