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If you were marooned on a deserted island with a computer that could access only one of the following four channels, 24 hour news, religious programs, fluther, or porn, which would you choose?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36630points) June 3rd, 2010

You’re stuck on an island for the forseeable future. Which would you choose as the only thing your computer can access? Why? And no email. Just a silly question that went through my mind.

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Fluther as it would give me the chance to interact with other real life people (presumably), whereas the other choices have no chance at interactions and I would go crazy if I couldn’t talk to someone.

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24 hour news (but I wouldn’t be on the internet very much)

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Fluther of course. Although I would be alone I would have many friends I could chat with, and perhaps I could get someone to come and rescue me!! Anyone out there….. help LOLL

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A close call between porn and fluther but like the people above me I would want to be able to interact with people and fluther is the only thing that would provide it.

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I don’t see how the news could help me; someone’s either coming to rescue me or they’re not. I would choose Fluther for the same reasons as @free_fallin; I’d want to “talk” to someone, otherwise I’d go nuts!

Porn…eh…I don’t need it to be sexually aroused. The power of the fantasy. ;)

Religious programs…lol…I’ve never really even seen one. You don’t need them to pray for rescue, either. :)

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My first question would be “Hey guys, this desert island has a computer and internet. The catch? It magically restricted itself to only certain websites. How do I open up the entire internet?”

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I think it’s pretty self explanatory

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Fluther. You can get all of the other three options here. One stop shopping.

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Porn. Moves away from @Lightlyseared.

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I exactly with you @free_fallin.

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I’d take the naked news channel. ;)

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@zenele or….have everyone here take off their clothes, report on what is going on in their neck of the woods and say a prayer now and then!

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Fluther… then, i could tell someone my location!

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@BoBo1946 I’d come for you and you can ride on my dinghy.

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Fluther, no doubt about it. I’d have the best island experience ever, all thanks to the information I’d receive here:
Any good (tried and true!) recipes using coconuts?
Can you ID this fish and tell me if it is toxic?
When building a shelter out of palm fronds and vines, what plan should I follow for maximum stability?
How big does a signal fire need to be in order to be visible from a distance of many, many miles?
How do you set a broken leg with nothing more than sticks and palm fronds and vines?
What are the symptoms of infection from an improperly set fracture?
What does gangrene look like?
How can you amputate with only sticks, palm fronds, and vines?
Do you have any good (tried and true!) recipes for the human leg?
And finally…
How would a polar bear survive on a tropical island, and are they edible?

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fluther… couldnt do anything about the rest of the world

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“I met this girl (okay, a volleyball) on an island and idk if she likes me….”

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Fluther. You can get news, religion and sexy talk all in one place. Not to mention being able to communicate with others.

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Fluther. Topics on news are here. Plenty of circle jerk material. Tons of religion questions.

I would worry that my questions would begin to get a bit dull after a while. Or just repeated pleas to come get me the fug off this island already.

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Umm..No one picked the religious channel. So I’ll be the odd ball of the group and say religious programs. Someone is bound to say something to make me realize the spiritual significent of why I’m marooned on a deserted island in the first place.

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@Silhouette sounds like a “winning hand”!

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Fluther. I could get the news by reading all the questions, or PM-ing people for the latest.

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