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If humans were stranded on a foreign planet how would we be treated?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) September 1st, 2010

If anyone has seen the movie District 9, if man ever got his s*** together to send long range space craft out into the cosmos, before we destroy ourselves, and it washed ashore, so to speak, on a foreign planet because the craft was damaged do you think the beings on that planet that found the stranded Earth vessel would treat us humans as the humans in “District 9” treated the Prawns?

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No. Everyone knows we are the only life in the universe.

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Better than WE would treat alien visitors to our planet!

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I don’t think technologically advanced aliens was the best allegory for what District 9 was trying to convey. Why would they put up with all of their suffering if they have weapons that can EXPLODE things with a singe shot? Obviously it wouldn’t be feasible to wage war against all of humanity, but it would have been entirely possible for them to take control of the lawless slums where they lived. Nigerian gangster won’t give you your cat food? EXPLODE THE MOTHER FUCKER.

Anyways, if the aliens on this hypothetical planet were anything like us (and according to convergent evolution, a likely possibility, considering their planet must have similar conditions to Earth for us to survive on it), they would probably do what all intelligent, quasi-humanoid aliens do – plant their eggs in us, which until now never occurred to me as some form of inter-species rape.

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They would pants us and force us to river dance in front of all the natives and THE main reason we have not yet sent astronauts on long range missions or ever will.

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Hopefully to lunch at a nice bistro ;)

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I don’t think they’d treat us positively or negatively because they’d probably look something like this.

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No way to know

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I don’t know, but hopefully they wouldn’t be as narrow minded as we are and violent to anyone who is different than they are. Like us. God, can you imagine aliens landing here? We’d blow them to bits within 10 seconds.

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@deni and all others who imagine “we” would reflexively be hostile to space aliens. Please make sure to exclude me from “we”. My first reaction would be curiosity and wonderment.

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@josie mine too, but it wouldn’t matter what “our” reactions are, I’m pretty sure the government wouldn’t be as accepting.

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They put us on the menu .

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@deni I don’t think we’d attack them as much as we’d capture and study the life forms, at their expense, to fulfill our curious nature and to see if we could benefit off them. It wouldn’t benefit us to immediately destroy them and we all know that we (Americans) are all about benefiting.

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Stranded? We’d become pets or exhibits in zoos. It might be a very sophisticated zoo, but it would still be a zoo. We’d probably be taken on tours to show us off around the planet. We’d be dehumanized and lonely, and God knows how long we’d last. We’d have to believe in the possibility of being rescued, or we’d probably end up dieing soon—perhaps of our own hand.

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@deni That would be about right, if they did not speak any language here on Earth it would be “shoot 1st then check it out” and say “oops, my bad” after zapping one of their ships into pizza topping.

@josie Well you and I would be in a very, very small minority and victims of an intergalaxtic war when all the other scardy cats cause them to be angry with us.

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