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Anyone have an at-home dining experience?

Asked by zenele (8252points) June 5th, 2010

Ever have one of those chefs or bakers come to your home and teach you to cook/bake?

How’d it go?

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I’ve never had one at my home, but I worked one as a photographer recently.

I work with the chef and he brought me along to capture the whole thing.

It was decadant to say the least. This woman bid $4,000 for the experience. She invited eleven guests and family.

The chef made the following:
• sweet pea ravioli with duck confit
• carmalized pork with with arugala salad
• truffle risotto
• rabbit loin wrapped in lamb intestine
• goat cheese cheesecake
• Mexican chocolate cake
• goat cheese with honey and marcona almonds
and about three other things I can’t remember.

We arrived at 5PM and didn’t leave until 1AM. They drank a lot of wine and had a great time.

The chef had the guests into the kitchen between most courses to demo what he was doing.

Best part: I got to sample all the food (I passed on the bunny).

Worst part: Having to interact with these snooty, pasty white people all night.

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@cp Great story!

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I bid on and won an dinner party for 8 at a charity auction. It was a wonderful experience. We had it in the summer. The chef made a Mediterranean torta rustica. Earlier we had had hors d’oeuvres and a salad. For dessert, she made meringue layers separated by chocolate cream.

It was delicious and a memorable evening.

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I wish I could be so fortunate.

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