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Slept from 3pm-8:30pm... what do I do now?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) June 5th, 2010

Had a huge panic attack at work, left at 2, took pills, was asleep by three, and slept until about 8:30. Ordered a pizza. Now it’s 10:40. I’m fed, wiped out, sad, and my stupid Roku player isn’t working to watch Netflix.

What would you do? Stay up and attempt to find something mildly interesting on TV, or give up and try to go back to sleep? (Keep in mind, that to go back to sleep, I would require another pill or two of OTC sleep aid).

Reading is not an option. I haven’t the brain to concentrate right now.

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There’s the Fluther chat XD

I mean, it’s not all that lively at the moment, and I’m about to go have dinner, but when I come back, I can be as chatty as you need me to be XD

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You need some good cheese.

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Go out dancing?

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@jonsblond: I think that might be in my Netflix queue.. lol

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I did go back to sleep.. but it’s 3:15 and I got up to use the bathroom, and now I can tell I’ve gotten far enough out of grogginess that it’ll be hard to go back to sleep naturally, and I can’t take anymore pills today.

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You could paint that room that needs to be painted.

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I either put on tapes of old tennis matches, and I mean OLD matches or else listen to a book on my iPod. Both are sure sleep inducers. Did you ever read the books by Clair (or is it Clare??) Weeks. They are very helpful in coping with panic attacks.

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Well, after sleeping from about 7pm to 10pm, I stayed up on the computer all night. It’s about 6:15 AM here. :(

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Aside from Valium and/or alcohol, I don’t know of any way to induce sleep other than sheer exhaustion. In my previous career I often had to stay awake 2 or 3 days straight, then was knocked out for up to 16 hours. I just have things that I can do at any odd hour if up late at night.

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Basically, you’ve given yourself a case of jet lag. You want to stay up until the next nightfall. Don’t take any pills to stay awake, or any pills to go to sleep. That just makes it worse. Personally, I’d play Microsoft Train Simulator all night long and call in sick tomorrow, and then play Grand Theft Auto all day tomorrow until tomorrow night.

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I took more pills and went back to sleep.. and I woke up feeling the way I do every morning. I guess I’m good now. Crocheting a baby blanket for an old friend from high school whose wife is pregnant and watching stuff on Netflix. I alerted the appropriate family members about my panic attack yesterday, and that in itself is exhausting. I never realized that other people worrying about you could be so exhausting.

Anywho, thanks for the suggestions. Hopefully I’ll not have to use them any time soon :)

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Masturbate. Then go to Disney Land.

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