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Do you have nice summer legs and feet?

Asked by MissAusten (16132points) June 5th, 2010

How do you manage it? Is there some trick to even, glowing skin, smooth feet, and a pedicure that stays nice? No matter what I do, my legs are white and freckled with at least a couple of nasty bruises or scrapes and an assortment of mosquito bites. I like to go barefoot, and my feet suffer. I soak them, scrub them, use lotion, all to no avail. Am I doomed to forever spend summer hoping no one looks at my feet, or hiding my legs in jeans?

So what is the secret to nice summer legs and feet?

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Some guys are into pale and freckled. Be proud of what you have. :^)

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I have naturally beautiful legs and feet (in my opinion). But seriously, get a pedicure and I mean a good professional one. If you can’t or don’t want to spend the money go to a school of cosmotology where the students are learning. There you will get a great pedicure because the students have to learn how to do it the right. After they get out of school they learn to take short-cuts and short change the customer.

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I have great feet, they are my best feature in my opinion and it’s probably because, in part, I get a professional pedicure once a month. In between pedicures I use a pumice stone on my feet at least twice a week to keep them smooth. A professional pedicure should only cost about 30 bucks with tip, which I can save by not eating out a couple of times per month.

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no, summer nor winter legs

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i have okay summer legs….but dont do my toes often. they look okay by me.

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I have fairly nice feet (as long as my nails are painted), but legs? Nope. Pasty white, with cuts and bruises. I’ve been considering using one of those self-tanning lotions, but haven’t gotten up the nerve. I’m afraid it will look so unnatural on me.

I attribute the decent feet to the fact that I’m rarely barefoot. They aren’t even hard on the bottom, and I’m 42!

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@augustlan I’ve used the self-tanning lotions from time to time, and they work fine for me. I’m just very careful to follow the directions exactly, and apply it sparingly around knees and ankles. Exfoliating first helps too. A lot of the lotions will tell you to reapply until you get the desired color, but for me one application is plenty. Any more than that and the color would be dark enough to look truly funny on me!

@chyna and @AmWiser I love getting pedicures, I just don’t do it very often. Is that the key to not having scruffy feet all summer? I run around barefoot or in sandals, so the effects of such pampering wear off quickly. I can’t go get a professional pedicure with my feet looking like this!

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land That’s sweet of you to say. :) I don’t mind the pale and freckly so much as the bitten and bruised. I wish there was a cure for being a klutz.

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You could just stop worrying about what foot fetishists think of you and live your life the way you want to live it. Some folks happen to think function is sexy. Supermodels look like supermodels because they spend their whole lives dedicated to nothing except “beauty.” They remind me of the comic book collectors who seal their comics away in acid-free mylar bags and horde them in boxes. Me, when I used to read comics, I’d read them and re-read them and re-re-read them until the cover fell off. Guess who enjoyed their comic collection more?

A woman with cuts and bruises on her legs and filthy buzzard feet from rock-climbing and hiking is a lot sexier, in my opinion, than the soft, pampered supermodels with their untouchable china doll looks.

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My feet are horrible. Mix of genetics and really bad parents left them somewhat deformed and often painful. I don’t like to show them off. Barefoot is actually better than flip-flops.

My legs are okay, if short. Yes, I have a gazillion scars from roller-skating and tree climbing and other random gallivanting. So what? I have fun with my life. I’d rather deal with scars every day than never play again. I’m way too young to stop playing.

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Having a mate with a foot fetish doesn’t hurt. I wasn’t very good at doing pedicures, but the lotions and massages kept everything except the nails nice (weekly professional pedicure took care of that). We used a lotion called “Pretty Feet” that had some kind of exfoliant in it. Lots of SPF 50 and bug juice in the summer for the legs. My lady couldn’t go barefoot because of orthopedic foot troubles, that probably kept the roughness and callouses at bay.

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Staying in shape by walking running or biking is a must. Then sand or scrub all the rough stuff off the heel and toes in the shower. Trim the nails obviously and some baby or mineral oil and you are ready for shorts and bare feet!

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I work hard at keeping my feet nice for summer sandals. My ped-egg is my best tool for handling callouses and rough skin.
Keep your toenails trimmed and clean with a coat of polish and you should be good.
I like to use the “touch of sun” type lotion, on my legs in the summer. It’s easier to work with than the tanners and more subtle. I’m less apt to get orange or streaks. It helps to make the fair skin on my legs match the fair but more sun exposed skin on my summer arms.

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Yeah, for an old gal I have great gams. I walk my dogs every day so they are firm and shapely. I exfoliate with exfoliating mittens everyday in the shower, I moisturise every day too. Feet get a lick and a promise when I shower, I use a pumice stone daily. Once a week I use a pedicure rasp to get any callus the pumice stone might have missed. Keep my nails trimmed and filed, I buff them to a high shine and call it a day. I rarely wear polish, it chips, especially if you’re in the water a lot like I am.

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I don’t see a problem at all with white freckled legs and bruises just happen. As for your feet, get a tin of Vermon’t Original Bag Balm to put on your feet, cover them up at night with cotton booties for a week and then easily slough away the dried, cracked or broken skin. Most salons no longer do the type of callus scraping and sanding they used to because of health scares but a pedicure once a month where someone else cleans up overgrown cuticles and shapes the nails.

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i was always so scare of running and playing when i was a little girl because my sisters would tell me that I would fall down and hurt myself and I’d get scars so i didn’t, I guess that is the only thing good about my legs: scars free…

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Next time I’m out, I’m going to pick up a pumice stone. I used to have one, but it’s disappeared since last summer. I’ve tried the overnight foot lotions with socks, but I can’t stand to sleep with anything on my feet. Maybe I’ll try the Bag Balm instead. I like the idea of buffing nails instead of painting. I do keep them trimmed, so that’s not an issue. I hate long toenails!

As for the legs, they really aren’t too bad most of the time. I think being so fair makes things like bruises and bug bites stand out more than they would on someone with more color. The past couple of days have been particularly klutzy for me, so I have an assortment of scrapes and bruises on both legs. There’s not much I can do about that other than wait for them to heal so I can get new ones!

Thanks for the beauty tips!

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Some people just don’t have nice feet. I never realized how rare it is to have nice looking feet until I found the internet ;P
But no, I started tanning early – so I’ve got the nice summer glow. I like to use a salt scrub in the shower to get the dead stuff off of my feet and skin. Seriously. Just salt. Some people use sugar. It just has to be abrasive.
And I agree with people saying to polish your nails. It gives them better curb appeal haha

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I like to think that I do. I don’t do anything special to maintain my feet or legs, so I’m not sure what advice to give you.

I don’t think bruises, scrapes, mosquito bites are that big a deal. I get them now and then and just ignore it.

As for going barefoot, I don’t really do that unless I’m at the beach. I once heard that a walk on the beach is a natural pedicure, and I agree. The idea of going to a salon to get one gives me the heebies. I’ve heard so many horror stories of people getting bacterial infections, and frankly the acetone small radiating from the salon space usually drives me away. I don’t often polish my nails. They are healthy and I think they look fine as they are. I’m not against it though, and I think polished nails can also look nice. It just depends on preference I guess. People always say polished toe nails are a must for summer, but I don’t really agree. When I want a change, I’ve been using Honeybee Gardens nail polish. It’s the most ‘natural’ polish I could find. Doesn’t have acetone or any smell at all. Pretty much impossible to remove though since it is water based – it basically lasts so long you get tired of the color. I need to get their remover.

You could try the Vibram 5 finger toe shoes, which I’ve heard feels like you’re barefoot while giving you the support and padding of a shoe. I wear slippers all the time and have slowly been transitioning to wearing shoes more often because slippers seem to have made my feet get a little wider over time. Sometimes my feet feel dry and I’ll apply some lotion at night before bed.

Good skin I think is partly genetic, partly diet and exercise, partly environment, and good hydration. Oh, and the conscientious application of sunscreen. I feel like eating a balanced diet, drinking lots of water, and getting good exercise does a lot for skin, hair, and nails.

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nope but then again im a man. lol. I do however love how women look in sandals, I have a foot fetish lol

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