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If I already know basic PHP/MySQL, what else should I learn to use Google App Engine?

Asked by molave (147points) June 5th, 2010

The overview and help pages of Google App Engine seem to make too many assumptions about the reader’s tech level. I understand that Python and Java are among the reqs, but I can’t see anything about a MySQL equivalent and how to access it. Is Python a big leap from PHP? I don’t have formal training, and have learned website creation on my own over the years.

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I am not an expert, I just started reading up on this myself, but here are a couple of starting points on data storage.

Rather than a separately maintained SQL database, with App Engine you can define your dataset within the application, and Google handles the back end. It uses a SQL-like language called GQL.

Mastering the datastore
Unlike most other Java web application development environments, App Engine’s data storage service is not based on a relational database management system. Instead, App Engine’s datastore (Python | Java) is built on top of Bigtable, and this will likely require you to re-think the methods that you have traditionally used when modeling and querying for data”

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I forgot to add – here’s a simple App Engine tutorial, a quick view of how to create and upload an application.

Create a Free Proxy Server with Google App Engine

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I wouldn’t say that Python is a big leap, but the syntax is completely different and will definitely take some getting used to. I recommend reading at least a couple Python tutorials and getting used to the language a little bit.

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