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Where are the kittens?

Asked by Seek (34734points) June 6th, 2010

Yesterday morning, my cat (a stray we took in) was heavily pregnant.

Yesterday afternoon, she vanished without a trace. I searched the house thoroughly, my yard, and all her favourite outdoor hiding spots. No sign of her.

Last night, she didn’t come inside for her evening meal when I called for her.

This morning, at about 7:00 AM, she’s standing at the foot of my bed, meowing angrily at me because the door to “her room” is closed.

She’s no longer pregnant.

Sometime yesterday, she dropped the sprogs. She was neither inside nor outside, as far as our searched showed. No one remembers letting her inside.

Help me find Schroedinger’s Cat’s kittens!

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Do you have a small gap on the foundation of your house? Or check the bushes in the area around your house.

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Won’t she go feed them at some point? Just keep an eye on her and follow her.

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Hahaha… did you really name your cat Schroedinger’s Cat? Awesome… Is it possible to follow her around? It’s likely she’ll go back to them. Keep an eye out. Cats like to give birth in seclusion, so maybe check places like under the porch, in the basement, nooks & crannies, holes, lofts, garages. Somewhere safe and cozy would probably be your best bet at finding them.

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Is it possible she ate them? Cats will do that to runts when they run out of nipples, or if the kitten is deformed. And sometimes they’ll eat their kittens for no reason at all, especially cats which have never given birth before.

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Actually, her name is Ulthar, named after the H.P. Lovecraft story “The Cats of Ulthar”. It just seemed Schroedinger-ish that she was neither inside nor outside when she was kittening.

Okay, I’ve tried the “take me to your babies”. No dice. Doesn’t surprise me, I had a feeling she was the deadbeat mom type.

I’d considered she had found somewhere inside to give birth, and that she or the puppy ate them. Would there still be evidence somewhere that a birth had taken place? I mean, will I be cleaning amniotic fluid out of my spice cupboard next week?

Also, what are the chances of a phantom pregnancy disappearing overnight?

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maybe someone has huffed them. lol

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You, most likely, will find them soon in an obscure place. You’ll be drawn to their hiding spot upon hearing their sweet little squeals.

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As @chyna said, she has to feed them sometime, so follow her. Momma cats will find the darndest places to have their litters.

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Oh, no! I hope they aren’t poor little eated babies!

Yes, I’d listen for the kittens’ squeaks and cries for their mother.

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check the neighbors porch. and bushes.

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Check your laundry basket. Seriously.

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She’s disappeared again. My newest theory is that she’s somewhere under the house – the one place I can’t get to her. Well, lets hope I find the babies before the snakes, armadillos, alligators, and neighborhood stray dogs do. Oi vey. Why do I have a cat again?

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Hurry and spay her before it happens again.

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Awww, kitty kitty. You’ll have to just wait and try to follow her when she leaves again. She’ll be back when she gets hungry. You don’t have a cat, a cat has you. Because you’re the right type of person, and she can identify with you as opposed to the lower life forms that she otherwise hsa to deal with…dogs, alligators, snakes, etc…

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We found them!

They were, of all places, in my wardrobe. So, I have a lot of laundry to do. Yay.

Five babies (there were six, but one didn’t make it…) and they’re all nursing well. I have a bit of researching to do now.

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As @Trillian said, “You don’t have a cat, a cat has you.” Cats have evolved over the years and are no longer considered ‘mousers’.

Hope she didn’t opt for your favorite dress.

Get to work, Momma!

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She had them, and she doesn’t want you to find them Do what I did all the times my cats did this on our farm: follow her. It’s the only way. :)

oh, just read the end. Glad you found them! Not a surprising place, cats love laundry, clean or not.

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Pictures of the babies!

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hurrah! I’m glad you found them and they’re in a safe place.

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I’ve been following this thread hoping that all was okay. I’m SO happy and relieved that momma and babies are well (excepting the poor guy who didn’t make it) and that no one got eaten or anything! Yay for kittens. :)

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Aww, sweeeet!

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Cuuuuute!! And momma is such a pretty cat! What lovely eyes. :)

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Mum and babies are all absolutely adorable! :) I love a happy ending.

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Bleen! Babies…

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awww, they’re looking good! I’m guessing that towel is now the property of the kitties? ha ha.

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That looks like my cat did before she got all old and rickety with cataracts. I miss her. Give yours a kitty kiss for me, ok?

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