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How about this solution for the oil spill?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) June 7th, 2010

I’d like your help in putting together this idea…

You know those long bits of steel like one finger width and a lot of meters long, that they use in building construction? I don’t know what that’s called. It’s what gets the concrete on top.

I’m imagining stuff like that being inserted in the spilling hole, but possibly upgraded with hooks to grab inside the hole.

Then more and more of those metal strips would be inserted. Somehow the increasing pressure would have to be accounted for.

And what about a bunch of pipes meant to simultaneously propelling a sealant inside the hole?

Is this train of thought with any practical merit in your opinion merit? Please let me know.

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I’m not sure about the merits of your idea, but the product you are describing is called rebar.

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Don’t bother. Nuke it.

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Not sure what role rebar is playing here.

Probably no sealant exists that would be able to withstand the pressure of the pipe.

Plus getting the sealant to actually make a seal while under water presents its own challenge I’d imagine.

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@josie I’m not sure if you’re joking, or if this is a reference to this, but the Russians used to do that.

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At lest SOMEONE is thinking of a solution.

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My wife came up with the idea of sending hot ice down to the spill and freezing the outpouring oil. i said on the surface, this sounds okay, but, what about the oil in a cars engine? it never gets too hot and it never freezes. she said, to just forget it. your ideas may have merit.

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The current solution of covering the hole with that large concretesque obelisk seems to be a fairly good plan to me. Of course, far easier would just be to kill of the people responsible and plug the hole with their bodies.

lol jk

This has hopefully been an eye opener for most onlookers here to the fact that our race are still doing far more damage to the planet than what we are saving.

One million hippie green movements=One oil spill

We have some serious work to do, this is quite clear.

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i have to honestly say that i think duct tape would work…a wholeee bunch of it. lol but seriously, duct tape has saved a sinking boat and done so much. worth a try if ya ask me

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There was an interesting article on the BBC’s Front Page online today regarding various solutions that people have suggested and commentary by experts as to why they would probably not work. Here’s the link. The oil spill: Your solutions. It lists and has an expert respond to 18 different solutions that people have submitted along with a brief analysis as to why the suggested solution wouldn’t work or probably wouldn’t work.

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We tried blowing up one of your tankers off the English coast. It was the Torrey Canyon, I think in the 70,s broke in half and was releasing loads of oil. The solution caused more damage than the problem

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