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If you are born in the middle of a decade, which decade are you a child of?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) June 7th, 2010

I was born in 1985 and I feel like a child of the 80’s and 90’s. It is both or just one of them? It’s nagging me a little, not much. But I’d like to know if there’s a rule or something. Probably not.

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It would most likely be the one you most identify with, which would be between 10 and 20 years old.

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I generally agree with YARNLADY – it’s all about those formative teen-age years.

That said – I think you can feel as though you’re a child of another age and there’s nothing wrong with running with it! For a good chunk of my life I thought I was a child of the 60s and I wasn’t even alive during that decade!

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@ejoso Me, too! Sound about right. I remember cartoons from the 80’s and all my baby pictures are from there. But I guess I most understand my childhood in the 90’s.

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I was 13 when the eighties started, but I’ve always considered myself a “child of the eighties” because it’s that time that had the biggest impact and influence on me. Even though I was an adult for half the decade.

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I was born in 1986, and I remember a lot more of the 90s, and like more things from that time. I do remember some things from the 80s, but not as vividly. I feel like a product of the 90s.

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Go with whatever you identify with (says the dude with girlbits). @ejoso‘s answer gets a thumbs up from me. I was born in 1984, but I get/make pop culture references that sometimes make people think I was born as far back as the 50s.

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The next one. That’s the one you will remember and associate yourself.

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I was born in 56, and always felt the 1960’s had a huge influence on my life, hence I am a child of the 60’s.

yes, I am an old fuck

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[insert lewd reply to @filmfann here]

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I was born in ‘71 and identify strongly with the ‘70s despite having spent middle school and high school in the ‘80s.

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1974 here. I consider myself an 80’s child even though I remember a lot about the 70’s.

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