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Can you help me refresh my mind?

Asked by jazzjeppe (2598points) December 12th, 2010

I have been having bits and pieces of tv shows I used to watch when I was a kid, back in the 80s, but I can’t remember of much them nor the names of the shows. So I’ll just throw out to you guys what I remember and hopefully some of you could help me refresh my mind :)

1) A kid, possibly a boy, who has an alien/UFO friend. A big swirly light, a light circle, hovering above the ground. Possibly a girl’s name and a girl’s “metallic” voice. It comes and goes. Kinda…

2) Another sci-fi teen tv show, possibly British. Huge tripods, like the alien thingies in War of the Worlds. People run from them, hide from them. I am pretty sure it’s a teen tv show, might even be a kid’s show, even if it sounds a bit…scary.

3) I remember a young girl who is blind. She and her dad and a number of other guys are trapped in a mountain, possibly a mine. There is water flooding. She has a cute knitted hat… Possibly French show?

I’d appreciate every input you guys may have on this since I am going slightly insane thinking about them :)

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#3 could be a Little House on the Prairie episode?

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It could be, I’ve thought about that but I’m almost sure it isn’t
.. the atmosphere is so much darker.

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Ooh, ooh I found your #2! I thought I recognized the description as a series of books I loved when I was a kid and sure enough, it was made into a BBC series. I had no idea! Thanks for the heads up!
The White Mountains

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All I can come up with on #1 is Alf and I don’t really think that is what you are looking for.

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#1..Mork and Mindy?

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#1 Longshot – Mac and Me? It’s a movie, but maybe…

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This is driving me crazy…

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Wohoo! Found #1! The show might be called Chocky or that’s at least the name of the UFO. The boy’s name is Mathew. YouTube it and you’ll find some clips. #2 there was a BBC production named tripods but I haven’t been able to confirm it’s what I’m looking for.

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Huh?? None of this sounds the least bit familiar.

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