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How is it that the Fluther moderators are doing such a damn fine job!

Asked by ipso (4466points) June 9th, 2010

I don’t know what the last two guys in this thread (entry 5 & 6) could have added to the conversation. Maybe something brilliant and relevant, but the question was resolved in full (explicitly) so I assume it was off topic or trying to be too-cute.

I just want to say the moderators ROCK on this site. They are diligently keeping the site focused and relevant (no social bullshit, playground politics, or a watch your back “rock fight” one-upmanship mentality.) Bravo!

It’s such a breath of fresh air online experience. I can’t believe what a breath of fresh air.

I just want to explicitly thank you folks for your efforts. YOU are making this a great place to learn and contribute. I’ve only been her for a few days but it just feels like how it should be.

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I think the moderators on this site do a very good job too.

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Yea… You guys are swell.

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No one wants to contribute when speaking positively about the mods. How curious.~

Thanks mods!

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I, also, appreciate the moderation here.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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I do appreciate the work you all do, thanks!

Response moderated
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Okay then…., the mods rock.

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[mod says] Thanks, @ipso, and welcome to Fluther!

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I think the mods do a good job. :)

Keep up the good work!

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I’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences with the mods here on Fluther.

August gets my vote for best mod on the entire internet!

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@augustlan and the mod squad are the best.

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I also have a huge crush on the mods.

NOW GET BACK TO WORK! /speechfist

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I love Auggie too!

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I love you guys, too. :)

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Our moderators are so yotta, zetta, exa, peta, tera, giga, mega cool !!!!!!!

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Here, here! :) It’s great to be someplace where people are NICE, and I think the reason the nice people stay here is because the moderators protect us from the general run of posters I see elsewhere. Thanks, folks!

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I’m new to the community, but I can already tell that the moderators do a great job. Three more cheers for the mods!

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