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What kind of careers involve interacting with people and being on your feet?

Asked by chelle21689 (7289points) June 9th, 2010

I graduated with an associate’s for building websites. I realized I hated sitting down all day in front of a computer not talking to people.

I want a job where I could be walking around on my feet, interact with people, and for my job to be sort of routine (sounds boring I know lol).

Expanded Functions Dental Assistant sounds good, but I don’t know if they make that much.

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Customer Service.

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From what I understand dental assistants make a LOT of money.

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Shop assistant

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Crossing guard.

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Weapons Technician in the Air Force?

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Dance instructor:)

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Flight attendant.

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Become a mail courier! Freaking unbelievable benefits and you get to take up to 50 days off of work!!

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Massage therapist. You’d be required to do a little extra schooling (depends on the state), but it actually pays pretty well and is very rewarding.

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Grocery store cashier. If you like people and sore feet, you’ll love it.

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Teacher, of any grade and with any subject.

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You could be a docent.

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Dear Chelle,

If you are willing to start at the bottom/semi low and work up, the hotel business may be for you. I am a General Manager at a fine boutique hotel and I make very good money to be honest. I am blessed. I do not have a college degree…I made it to where I am by being clever, hard working, courteous, and sociable. I can also do math, and I can write. You describe in your question exactly what it is to be a hotelier. If you are interested, I can share with you some tips, and which hotel chains strike me as being good employers.

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I am going to be a Registered Nurse. I am currently a CNA and you’re on your feet working with patients, nurses, staff, for the entire shift. As an RN it will be better, more medical communication, which I look forward to. You really get to use your communication skills, and it is a professional environment, plus you get to help people!

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Here’s what’s really missing in business—when companies go to initiate the development of a piece of software to to solve a business need, the IT are working on a project based upon the specifications provided by the business customer. The business customer assumes that the IT team understands their business processes and needs. Most often, IT is working to specifications, and the business side makes assumptions about how the software should work. If the project is a custom build, and is done waterfall, the customer provide the specs and three months later gets back something they don’t recognize, and only meets 75% of what they really needed.

A business process owner who understands web architecture is gold. Without them, you end up with applications that have no reporting functionality, or search and editing capabilities.

The other role that has lots of opportunities for growth is certification as a usability specialist. Who wants to spend money to build a site that customers hate using? There’s a science to it.

While it’s not walking around all the time, both roles involve lots of face time with customers, strategic planning, and generally keeping all the balls in the air, and plays to what you’ve invested time and money in.

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I used to facilitate a computer class and was on my feet most of the day interacting with others. It was fantastic.

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If dental/medical careers appeal to you, go for that.

We’re all getting older. Those jobs won’t go away.

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Did anybody say tour guide?

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Food Server or Bartender!

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Park ranger

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Ballet dancer? That’s primarily being on your toes, I guess.

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