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Can the Peace Corps pay for part of my college?

Asked by Plone3000 (668points) June 9th, 2010

My teacher said something about the peace corps paying’ for tuition, or books, or something like that, is this true?

If not then what benefits are there?(besides the obvious)

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This page from the the site will give you an idea of the educational benefits for Peace Corps volunteers.

P.S. It’s spelled “college.”

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Can they? Or Will they? Two very different questions.

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@janbb, thanks. My bad, I have a learning disability in the reading and writen language, and It get to be a pain looking up, every single word.

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@NRO, I said “can” did I not?

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If you join the Peace Corps you can defer student loan payments for the time you serve. Also if it is a subsidized stafford loan I believe the interest is paid by the government during deferment. They give you a small stipend at the end to use for whatever you want that could go towards college tuition. If you are doing a Master’s program in conjunction with service I believe there is a small break on tuition costs. @janbb‘s link provides all the info really. I think it has changed a bit in the last few years. I could have sworn you got one trip home paid for at the midpoint of your service before. I also thought you got a small educational stipend that would go towards tuition but I think I am confusing Peace Corps with AmeriCorps. Last I checked, Americorps gives a tuition stipend – money that can only be used for educational expenses I think – in an amount of something like $4k.

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The Peace Corps pays 15% of your Perkins’ Loans per year of service. If you complete your Peace Corps service (27 months), then they will pay (or the government will forgive—I’m not sure), 30% OF YOUR PERKINS LOANS only. Also, there are many masters programs that partner with the Peace Corps to offer reduced tuition or stipends for masters degrees after you complete your PCV service.

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