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What crappy thing happened to you today?

Asked by Jude (32134points) June 10th, 2010

Much like “what good thing happened to you today”, we’re doing the opposite..

Debbie Downers, come out, come out wherever you are…“wah waaaaaah”.

For me, my “Aunt Helen” decided to pay a visit. I’m dealing with 28 third graders, and my cramps are so bad that I want to rip out my uterus and feed it to a pack of hungry wolves.

Venting is O-kay. You?

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So far in the last few weeks I’ve been hit by a pickup truck, had terrible golf games, my car died and I’m another year older, but no way in hell am I trading places with you.
(That’s the best I could do. No bad stuff so far today)

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You would ask on the day where things are going all right lol

I decided to be a good little house-girlfriend and clean the kitchen. I cut my finger on some metal thing =/

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One of my private students didn’t even bother to cancel – I found out there was no lesson when I showed up at their door. It wasn’t the first time. I’m thinking of dropping him.

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I found out Bellefontaine suspended my license on a clerical error. When I called and said WTF, they basically said “Whoops, our bad. We’ll fax some stuff to the BMV and they’ll get the license taken care of, but we need you to go down there and prove you have insurance and all that to speed things up”.

Thanks a lot, you banjo plucking fuckwits.

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When we count last night as today, i saw two right-wing parties win in my country’s elections.
Granted, my party won too, but has only a mere 6,5% of all seats.

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I wanted to plunge into a project,but got sidetracked by a bunch of BS I didn’t need ;)

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A lady with a plunger. Be still my heart.

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Laughing at yourself again, woman.

“I so funny.”


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@jjmah -Oh shit!
It wouldn’t be the first time ;))

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I woke up later than I like.

That’s about it. Today’s just like any other day. No good or bad so far. It just is.

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Spent part of my day on my hands and knees….. removing snails from my garden :-)

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As most of the world celebrates that today is Friday and looks on with enthusiasm toward the weekend, I am going to bed shortly, and when I wake up it will be my Monday morning.
Could be worse. At least I have a job, right?!?

hi ho… only 6 more days to go!

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read your crappy question!

Just kidding…been a good day! No crap today!

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Well, let me see, nothing so far. I don’t expect any crappy thing to happen later today either, nor tomorrow for that matter.

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I am rolling the dice on a huge order my formulator did not save the formula from the previous batch we now need to have an exact match to!! @lucillelucillelucille, can I borrow your plunger?? I have an employee that needs an attitude adjustment!

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ok, i’m a team player! pass me some of your crap!

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@BoBo1946 want an ovary?

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@jjmah uh, geezzz…maybe, later…that doesn’t sound good! not at all!

everyone, i’m not a team player after all!

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@jjmah Still trying to give that thing away? I can’t see why anyone would turn it down. :) The cramps, water retention and all that good stuff.

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Mom told me two Blockbuster DVD’s were taken from her car as she was inside a store. She’s upset with herself because she didn’t bother to lock her car or put the DVD’s out of sight and I’m upset because I’ll be footing the bill from Blockbuster. I could file a police report and then Blockbuster would excuse the theft from our acct. but I feel stupid to file the report and waste police time for such a stupid incident. Argh, what to do.

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I had to pick my daughter up from school because she had a migraine, then clean up the bathroom floor after she got sick and didn’t quite make it to the toilet in time.

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Now I’m annoyed with my own question. Ha!

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@jjmah ~ at least you know what day of the week it is… when I posted earlier I obviously didn’t… and also I am having a fit of insomnia, should have been asleep 2 hrs ago :(

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Compared to everyone else, this is probably a small thing, but then again I had nothing to do all day
I just found out that the only Chick-fil-a in NYC is closed for the summer, and I’ve always wanted to try their food. This ruins like 44% of my summer vacation

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@Michael_Huntington wow, why is it closed for the summer? Chick-fil-a is popular here!

I just found out that my school extended their nursing program by one year. I am now applying to a different college.

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@Axarraekji I think it’s because it’s inside the food court of NYU, but it’s still bullshit, because there are summer school students.

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I got my first bill for my student loans and my work schedule, that has 28 hours instead of the 35–40 I’m supposed to be working.

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It’s Thursday..usually my husband has off until 3:45pm but this stupid new manager has instilled manager meetings every Thursday at 3pm. Totally ruined my day because it makes me sad :(
but going to the playground and making friends made it better

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I didn’t go to school today. Cool and bad at the same time. Cool because my school is shit and I hate going there, bad because I didn’t see my friends and they’ll be mad at me tomorrow. Also because I miss too many days.

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The fact that I still have 12 hours left of work until I can go home and sleep.

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@ZEPHYRA hopefully today will be a better day!

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Heavy rain during my commute. Slows down traffic tremendously.

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I bit my tongue. Really hard. It hurt like a motherfucker and my whole mouth aches now…


Also, today is the anniversary of my joining of this site…I’ve been here forever…

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I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing when I went to brush my teeth this morning and accidentally put Spongebob toothpaste on my toothbrush. It was disgusting. I don’t know how my kids can stand it.

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Had a pretty shitty overall and I think that I lost 5 lbs chasing my tutoring student’s sister across a park field and down the road after she had a melt down. The poor girl has abandonment issues and it’s really sad. I’m glad that her family is getting help for her..

I need a beer.

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My wisdom teeth are hurting.

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My car is in the shop so I carpool with mom or bf. Well this morning bf and I could’ve had a few lovely hrs together alone in the house but I had to drive mom to work, returned home and as I opened the garage door then bf’s smaller dog (bastard) ran out down the street and around the corner. By the time I caught the asshole dog and walked back home then it was time for us to start getting ready for work so no playtime.

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My air went out and it’s hotter than a popcorn fart here.

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I had some errands to run and told my kids we’d stop for ice cream on the way home if they earned it with good behavior (in other words, I bribed them). It is very hot, and the AC is dying in our truck. I really wanted some ice cream. My oldest and youngest spent all their time in the car tormenting each other. So, when we got near the ice cream place and they got excited, I had to dash their hopes and tell them all the arguing meant no ice cream. :(

Little do they know, I am going to the store later and will just buy my own damn ice cream to hide in the back of the freezer and eat after they go to bed! Ha!

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My work day is going very slow indeed and I still have another 9 hours left to go :(

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I argued with my mother over my least favorite subject, her other daughter (my sister). Mom calls to ask me to wire money to my sister’s acct. because sister is broke and I said no. My sister has three college degrees, is 30 years old and has never had to hold a job because my parents and her grandparents have supported her apts., cars, bills, trips, etc. Now the other family have told her to get a job and she’s asking my mom to help, my mom who has the least of anyone. I’m feeling crappy and mixed up with sibling jealousy, insult, being taken advantage of and now I’ve got my mom giving me the attitude and cold shoulder- we share a house.

Soooo uncomfortable and even moreso because I don’t want to explain to my bf who also shares the house and yet I feel the rest of the evening will be tense and we won’t be able to relax or enjoy any time together. This makes me angrier at my sister for ruining the day of three people and she doesn’t even know it and if she did then she wouldn’t care as long as she believed that money was coming.

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I woke up to the news of a murder/suicide that happened at a nearby Dairy Queen last evening. My sons go to school with the children of the couple that was involved. We’ve known this family for nearly 15 years, and they were such a fun couple to be around. My heart breaks for their children.

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