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How important is your attitude to you?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30391points) September 30th, 2011

Does your attitude affect events in your daily life?

Is a positive attitude necessary to good results?

Does a negative attitude mean failure?

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It’s pretty important to me, but not because I think it influences actual events in my life. Or, at least, not to any significant degree. The reason it’s important to me is because I’m very prone to depression and anxiety. If my attitude is negative, I’m one step closer to the darkness, and I really, really hate the darkness, damn it. Sometimes I can catch myself and turn it around, other times not so much. In a bit of a slump at the moment. :(

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It’s pretty important to me as well and I do think it has the ability to affect the events going on in my daily life. When I’m in a good mood/have a positive attitude, things seems to be more enjoyable and less stressful. When I’m in a bad mood/have a negative attitude, things seem to frustrate, upset, and overwhelm me a lot faster than they normally would.

I don’t necessarily think that a negative attitude will mean failure, but for me, it does mean that I won’t enjoy the success as much because I will feel like I had to work harder to get it (even if I really didn’t).

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If I’m in bad mood or stress, then I have bad attitude and I don’t like it. I am at good attitude when I am in good mood. :)

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I can be surly, pedantic & tenacious but also very giving & forgiving….. The people who take time to get to know me are the people who I like to stick around. As for them that don’t, I don’t want them around anyway.. my attitude is my shield….. So to speak. ;-)

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I guard it as often as I can. The last thing I want is make other people feel like they’re prey just because inside I’m a werewolf.

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For one thing, my attitude has a considerable effect on the people I’m around. That’s extremely important in situations where people are looking to me for cues. Attitude, positive or negative, is highly infectious. It’s one thing to bog yourself down with negativity, but another to take everyone else down with you.

I do think there’s a correlation between success and effort, and effort is a function of attitude. If success depends on group effort, then the attitude of the key people is critical.

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My attitude doesn’t effect the things I do, I almost always do the same things every day, but it effects how much I enjoy doing those things. If I’m in a bad mood then I’ll get bored and won’t enjoy anything, but if I’m in a good mood I’ll pay more attention and mostly enjoy things.

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A positive attitude is very important for me. In my job that go to in order to support myself rather than keep busy by (yeah I need the money), my positive attitude, reflection of it and interaction is relied upon by many other people to be able to do their jobs better. In my personal life, if my attitude is bad then it affects the people closest to me who want to see me comfortable and happy, it detracts from what they’ve got going on.

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Attitude and energy are the power twins!

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When I’m feeling confident and cared-for (either by myself for meeting a difficult goal or by another in the throes of infatuation) I see beauty in every object and person I encounter. That is reflected back to me… isn’t this a lovely world?!

If I’m depressed and self-berating, the world is cold. I expect nothing good to come from anything and that’s exactly what I get.

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Not really important. I know I have a bad attitude sometimes but if people were facing what I have to deal with every day, they’d have one too. Not an excuse, though, by any means. Just that I’m aware of it.

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I have had to do a lot of mental work to disconnect the concept of my attitude from the things that happen to me. I had a nasty habit of subconsciously believing that everything that happens to me, I somehow deserve because of something I did or because of some impure thought I was thinking or something. It took me a while to truly believe that shit just happens sometimes and it doesn’t mean it’s some kind of punishment for having a bad attitude.

I hate the belief that a good attitude will get you anywhere. While it’s certainly not productive to have a BAD attitude and I understand that, the implication is that when life shits all over a person, it must be their own fault because bad stuff doesn’t happen to people who have good attitudes, you know. It’s such a common theme in kids’ books and movies, you know, everything turns out okay for the good guy and the bad guy gets what he deserves, and it’s all well and good to tell kids that everything will be okay as long as they’re good people, but I have to wonder if the kid with terminal leukemia thinks, “this must be happening to me because I’m a bad person.”

I guess I haven’t really answered your question directly. Yes, my attitude is important because if you just look for the bad in every situation, you’re liable to find it (and the reverse is true too) but I vehemently disagree with the idea that your attitude determines everything, like what is touted in the book The Secret. It’s just offensive. Oh yeah, I could have cured my disease by thinking positively, why didn’t I think of that?

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@Mariah : You answered my question beautifully, and I agree with your sentiments greatly. While my attitude can help me feel better, it’s not going to take away my bipolar disorder. To suggest that it may is insulting.

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First, we must know the importance of attitude. It is important to remember attitude is everything. Attitude, whether positive or negative, shows in our daily lives. Many people say attitude is more important than experience or education. They often use attitude as the tiebreaker between two equally qualified candidates.

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Nothing more destructive than a negative attitude

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