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If clothes were illegal, would you still wear them?

Asked by sneakatoke420 (46points) June 10th, 2010

Just curious as to how many people would still wear clothes if they were illegal.

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That doesn’t make any sense. Why would clothes ever become illegal? But I suppose this is one of those things that could never happen, but you still have an opinion about it. I would wear clothes because I would feel really strange without them, and also, I don’t need people to see all that. So, yes, I would still wear clothes. But then again, I’ve seen people come so close to going out in public wearing underwear, they wouldn’t do anything different!

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I would obey the law and run around in the nude.
I’m nekkid more than half the time anyway.

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Hell, no. I’d go around naked now if it was allowed.

(Well, perhaps during Winter. Also, on my mail route. Less of a target for dogs to bite.)

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Definitely not.

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I am no lawbreaker! ;)

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@Vunessuh Pics or it never happened.

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Only in the winter.

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Yeah I would. I loathe exposing myself. I would just leave the country.

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As a gesture of defiance, yes. Our home has always been clothing-optional though.

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I would wear them even if they arrested me on a daily basis.

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I’d stay dressed, though I might switch to beach gear in deference to the law.
Anyone trying to arrest me for wearing clothes in the winter is going to get shot for being stupid.

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Only when sitting in my leather recliner!

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On my way to the south pole, yes.

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Oh, yes. The winters in upstate NY suck.

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