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My Ubuntu machine is suggesting that I upgrade to the 10.04 LTS release. Anyone know if that's stable enough?

Asked by Nullo (21944points) June 11th, 2010

And I’m a bit nervous about backwards-compatibility; some of the programs on here were made a few releases back.

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I updated about a month ago and not had any problems with compatibility, pretty much everything upgraded itself automatically. The upgrade feature is very user friendly however it does take some time, the download will be about 700mb I imagine then the install and upgrade another few minutes probably a 30min-1hr process depending on your internet speed and PC however you can continue work as usual while its all in progress.

If you backup your home folder then you will maintain your settings and files should the worst happen however I should stress that when you upgrade Ubuntu will maintain this automatically.

10.04 is noticeably faster and apps load faster in it. It also has a few nice modifications, but as always nothing in your face has changed. Expect 10.10 later in the year to be quite different :)

10.04 has more of a Mac feel to it also supports much more plug and play items than before.

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Recommend Ubuntu Tweak if you’ve not tried it before!!

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To be sure you can wait until 10.04.1 is released (I believe that’s about three months after 10.04 is released).

What applications are you afraid of that would perhaps not work anymore?

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@Vincentt That’s just it; I don’t know exactly what might go wrong. And I’d rather not have things crash just because.

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I’m running it right now, I love it.

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Well, you can use what you’re using now for as long as it’s supported (18 months I believe) if there’s nothing in the new version you really want to have. After that you can still upgrade to 10.04, which is supported for IIRC two years (at least longer than 9.10) so you can stick with that longer.

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