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I can't be the only person who enjoys the sensation of sneezing, right?

Asked by AstroChuck (37373points) June 11th, 2010 from iPhone

I like the feeling that comes when I sneeze. The bigger the sneeze, the bigger the pleasure. People tell me I’m crazy. (To be fair, people tell me I’m crazy for just about everything. But I’m simply talking about my enjoyment of a good sneeze.
Anyone else out there feel the way I do?

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I’m afraid you can. You’re a weirdo, but it’s great to see your face, Chuckie!

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For some women it makes them wet themselves. So, no.
You’ve been delivering mail in the heat again, haven’t you?

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Are you trying to get up my nose?

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It’s kind of orgasmic. And you can’t drive while doing it.

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uh. sneezing is one of life’s little pleasures. no you’re not the only one. i’m right there with you. i fucking love to sneeze. it makes my day when i have a sneezing fit.

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@deni Come back and talk about this after you’ve had a baby or hysterectomy. haha

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Ok, I’m looking for a link, but, um, Vicorian era, I think, men used to carry little tins of snuff that they would snort in order to sneeze.

Ah, it seems to be for the effect of tobacco, but I sear I’ve read that it was done for the pleasure of the sneeze, too.

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In about 5% of users, the drug clomipramine causes orgasms when yawning or sneezing.

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Like @dpworkin said, it’s (kind of) orgasmic.
To me anyway.
I love the moments that lead to the actual sneeze.
If it doesn’t come right away, i watch something luminous (is that a word?) like the sun or a lamp, and then, when it is close, i look away again to make the sneeze-feeling decrease, then look in to the sun again and let it come.
I ‘help’ my sneeze to come out as big as possible.
So, yeah, looks pretty much orgasmic.

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@rebbel I’ll have what you’re having.

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Yeah. Me too. I mean I really enjoy that feeling I get when I sneeze but I wouldn’t call mine orgasmic.


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Maybe when you get a bit older.

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I’ve had some babies and I love to sneeze- no dribble as yet!

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Sneezing is like an orgasm, it builds up, explodes and then ejects a whole bunch of gush, what’s not to like haha.

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So if I see you sneeze instead of saying Gesundheit, I should offer you a smoke??

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Damn straight.

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@Symbeline is right. Sneezing is a nose orgasm.

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@lillycoyote Does it get bigger if you stroke it?

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@janbb No, it says oh… oh… yes…yes, oh, yes…yes…yes….

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No – I hate them.

Mine come out of nowhere, are huge and scare the hell out of me. I often exclaim, “Mother Fucker!” right after.

And a couple in a row will clog my sinuses and give me a headache.


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@cprevite But tell us how you really feel.

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@janbb: Sorry. I was feeling demure.

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I’m a fan!

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I’m a fan too. The kick comes from the anticipation.

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