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Is it possible that my lurve score isn't adding right?

Asked by le_inferno (6189points) June 14th, 2010

My lurve points don’t seem to be accumulating the way they should. Tonight I received about 7 GA’s, but I’m pretty sure my score only went up 11 points. Does this ever happen, or is it in my head? I’ve noticed sometimes there’s a delay in the score changing, so this may be another instance of that. Just curious to see if I’m imagining things!

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Once you have recieved a certain amount of lurve from another user any more lurve that person gives you doesn’t increase your total lurve score.

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When a user has reached a set limit, their lurve will no longer count on your score.

@Lightlyseared Jinx

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Ah! I didn’t know that. Thanks guys.
Well, that’s rather frustrating! :P

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Well, at least you know there are people out there who like your responses so much they’ve maxed out on you! :)

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@le_inferno It is annoying but it stops people from forming alliances and giving lurve to every response no matter how stupid just increase the users score.

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They are trying to prevent lurve hoarding.

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I figure it is about 100 points per page of lurve. I have 729 pages.

Everyone hits the same limit. It seems like a good way to prevent a bunch of accounts to vote one person up. I think Zach was the reason they added the rule.

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Most peoples lurve rate slows down after a certain point. I made 10K in my first three months, less than half that in the subsequent three. With the limit on individual giving, your questions and answers must appeal to people you don’t know as well. I believe that the lurve you give and get still counts towards other awards though.

This is a wise policy. I’ve been on other sites where cliques award each other hundreds of thousands of points for Q’s and A’s of no quality, just to boost themselves into “royalty” status. This created a culture where people automatically gave points to “friends” regardless of quality of thought.

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you can give so much love (100pts) here…and that is it!

@augustlan does that (100 pts) ever roll over…that is, after a certain length of time?

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@BoBo1946 Not at this time.

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@augustlan okay….thank you!

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Jeez….the fluther casino ey? lol

I am completely clueless as to the ‘scoring’....I just randomly notice..’ Oh, check it out, I am up to almost 8k now.

Then I think…’ Wow…you sure have been spending a lot of time in this place. ’ hahahaha

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