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My company web site uses a lot of AJAX, what should I be looking for in choosing a great dedicated server for a very fast performance?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1917points) June 14th, 2010

I’m looking a GOOD dedicated server for my company which will give the company web site great performance. Unfortunately, storaging on another server with more web sites gave very weak performance.

The site is using a lot of AJAX, like does, so I will be glad for advise what is the most important thing I should look for in dedicated server: Ram or CPU or something else?

Where hosting their web site? If it is not a secret.

Please advise.

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If you don’t care about name brands, I like ABMX:

Their servers are good and have good prices. The point of a server is that everything has to be high-performance: CPU, RAM, and hard drive. Skimp on one, and your server is only as good as the weakest component. The only thing that doesn’t matter on a server is a graphics card. For that reason, servers mobos don’t have a built in graphics cars and don’t even offer graphics cards as an option. And you install only the command shell without a GUI.

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Fluther seems to be hosted on I got this from doing a whois search

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Thanks @HungryGuy, what I need is a full support for AJAX.NET ans SQL Server.

Unfortunately, I think Slicehost don’t run .NET or SQL Server.

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@Ranimi23 – Oh. I misunderstood your question. At first, I thought you were looking for your own server. I see now that you’re looking for a hosting service to provide a dedicated server. In that case, your best bet is to look into one of the major providers like Network Solutions or GoDaddy…

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I have checked a low price hosting plan, but the performance where very bad. That is why I think I should look for a Virtual Server or Dedicated Server hosting plan.

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Godaddy and most other hosts offer virtual servers and dedicated servers, as well as the low-priced shared servers.

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BTW – Can a .NET apllication / SQL Server run on a Linux server?

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SQL Server is Windows-only. .NET applications can use Linux database servers such as MySQL.

Mono is .Net on Linux.
Never used it, I can’t tell you how well it might work.

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10x, I will keep checking. Maybe the problem is not in Hosting, maybe in AJAX code :-/

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@Ranimi23 “Maybe the problem is not in Hosting, maybe in AJAX code :-/”

This was my first instinct. It might be worth the effort to hire a programmer to optimize your code. The money saved by having cheaper hardware might offset the cost of the programmer’s time.

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