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Some of the greatest movie kisses would be?

Asked by ucme (50034points) June 15th, 2010

Well perhaps not just the kiss in itself.More the overall romantic gravitas of any particular scene.Maybe a tragic kiss or a goodbye kiss or a good old fashioned passionate snog. Your favourite examples of movie stars playing tonsil hockey on screen if you please.

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The Saint: Elisabeth Shue & Val Kilmer

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The greatest on-screen kiss….hands-down…….

The scene from “The Year of Living Dangerously” in which Mel Gibson has been searching for Sigourney Weaver in the pouring rain….and she is doing the same. They show them running through the streets as the city (Jakarta) is in chaos politically and there is anarchy in the streets. They finally find each other in a stairwell and you can see the rain pouring down the window outside and they are soaked to the bone. And all the longing that they have held inside coupled with the fear of their uncertain future….comes out in the most enduring and passion-filled rain-soaked and dripping kiss I have ever witnessed on film.

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From Here To Eternity.Burt Lancaster and…and…that lady on the beach ;)
She didn’t need to be told twice to throw herself in the sand,by golly!

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Tom Selleck and Kevin Klein in In and Out.

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InuYasha the Movie: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass.

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Deanna Troi and Worf in Star Trek: TNG.

Mostly because the first time my husband saw it, we had “hotdog down a hallway” jokes about Riker in my house for a week.

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Cameron Diaz and Jude Law in “The Holiday”.

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It’s gotta be the spaghetti kiss in Lady and the Tramp…best kiss ever in the movies!

Hey! Do I get a piece of the action hawking this movie on E-Bay in my comment??

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Ah,I would like to answer but most movies with adult genre are censored (included kissing)by the authorities in my country. So I don’t know how to say.

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Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara! (Gone With The Wind)

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The telephone booth scene in True Romance. Ok, so it’s a bit more than a kiss, but what a passionate kiss it is!

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The kiss from the last scene of The Princess Bride!

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you have got to watch this kiss…oh my gosh! Enjoy!

actually, the little girl in the movie is @lucillelucillelucille!

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A nympho in the making.

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lmao….hey, if it is not @lucillelucillelucille…got to be @Silhouette!

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The ending of Never Been Kissed (sorry that’s the whole last scene, but it’s all I could find). Also, who doesn’t love Vada and Thomas J.?

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A handful:

With a nod to @Cruiser ^ with the correct answer

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@lucillelucillelucille: That lady was Deborah Kerr, playing against type. It was hard to do, I understand, due to all that sand under the bathing suits.

@Bobo1946: Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh in GWTW get my vote also.

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Casablanca I felt this kiss in my toes!

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@filmfann….....Yes…...Casablanca! That’s a great one!

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@gailcalled-Thank you :)
@Bobo-I don’t remember this! It has to be Silhouette ;)

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And let’s not forget Fredo and Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part II.

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1. Demi Moore kissing Whoopie Goldberg as Patrick Swayze in Ghost, now that was a heartfelt kiss. Never has love been better demonstrated

2. The kiss in Notebook. HOT HOT HOT!!

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A Room With a View – Field of barley scattered with poppies. Lucy Honeychurch and George Emerson.

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Worst movie kiss – A Room With a View! Next to the sacred lake, Lucy Honeychurch and Cecil Vyse!
The bumbling bad job he makes of it cannot, however, disguise the fact that Daniel Day Lewis has the most beautiful hands of any man to ever grace the silver screen. Dolph Lundgren takes a close second.

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@lucillelucillelucille did you watch the video…that girl is a hoot!

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@BoBo1946 -I did! She was cute :)

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loll yeah, and she already knows the ropes!

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Spiderman 1. That upside down kiss was really something to remember.

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I liked the GWTW kiss too but if she had shown more expertise it would have been fantastic.

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Spiderman upside down and whatsherface, in the rain.

Edit: cornbird beat me to it. Kudos. @dr doolitle, ever hear of – or the other millions of movie sites – if you can fluther from Indonesia, you can watch movie clips in Indonesia. Hell I’ve chatted with Iranians – and linked them to clips. Kill ‘em later. Just saying.

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@zen_ Kirshten Dunsht, as Sean Connery no doubt would pronounce it :¬)

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