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Do you have this problem? What could this be?

Asked by blakemasnor (323points) December 7th, 2008

When I watch a romantic kiss in a movie, or sometimes when I kiss someone, my finger tips ache. Like the feeling when your hands get really cold, and then you warm up quickly—that sort of ache.

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All you blood is moving from your fingertips to your… leg.

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I see what you did there.

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funny, but actually i’m asking this question for a friend of mine who’s a girl.

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Yeah, that happened to me the first time I had sex. I could barely move my hands because there was no blood in them… which was particularly bad because I had to drive pretty quick after. Gripping the steering wheel was quite a feat!

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My answer was sincere, the blood must be leaving your extremities. It’s possible you might have low blood pressure. Or high blood pressure treated with medicine. Or Viagra. Smokers can have cold extremities.

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i feel comfortable kissing my girl

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@90s: gee, thanks for the valuable input.

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No. I don’t have this problem (thaaaank you)
However, try warming or cooling your hands (in the bathroom) if poss. before laying one on him/her.
This should work.
good luck
sticky fingers:)

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I second what steve6 said. During sexual arousal, girls and guys have the same rush of blood to their genitals. Low blood pressure or whatever could be a factor.

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I concur with Alena, i think it could possibly be arousal, whether you notice it or not, there are things your body can control that you may try to stop it from doing, but you can only control so much with your mind, and men and women are alike in a state of arousal that all blood rushes to the genital area where.. well, for a guy it’s quite obvious, but for a girl it isn’t visible to the eye (can be, only in coloration though) so..

i’m not sure about the blood pressure thing, i don’t know anything about that stuff but it doesn’t make sense to me what would intensify something to where it would take/slow the bloodflow to the fingers, unless there is something going on between arousal and blood pressure.

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You might have been invaded by an alien. Have you been near Roswell? Ever drive late at night on long, lonely stretches of highway? Ever wake up with a strange wet feeling in your nether regions? Ever watch E.T. and start to get that old feeling? Has this ever sprung from you with no forewarning?

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They csll that, “getting the vapors.”

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there are a lot of nerve endings on your lips. There are also a lot of nerve ending on your fingertips. The arousal causes the nerve endings on your friend’s fingertips to feel “warm.” That is all it is. A lot of people experience this

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Sometimes i get that too [ though I get it rarely ]

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