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What is the relation between bricolage and counter-bricolage?

Asked by niks1112 (410points) June 15th, 2010

Im having trouble doing a project because im not properly understanding the concept of each and more specifically between them both. What my project is, is to create a project that appropriates a bricolage trend from an influential subculture and turn it into counter- bricolage appropriate for the mainstream. but to get this project done i need to understand what it is asking for and what it means. could someone please explain?.. thank you!

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Try this clothes example.

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I actually just saw that webpage about 10 minutes ago, but for some reason im still really comfused. lets say I decide to make a purse out of duct tape, would that be turning a bricolage trend into a counter- bricolage appropriate for mainstream?

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No. I don’t think so.

You have to have bricolage before you can have regurgitated counter-bricolage. How was the purse a composite of “meaning-laden” objects or signs (bricolage)?

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If somehow duct-taped “fixed” purses became a huge trend (showing everyone how industrious, and Liberal, and anti-consumer, they really are) – and then you manufactured fake ones – that would be counter-bricolage (as I see it).

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hmmmm… okay, thank you @ipso!! so is there anything to you that comes to mind that is bricolage and how to make it into counter bricolage and somehow me be able to physically create something?

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If an artwork were constructed by bricolage [assembling and combining various convenient bits, counter-bricolage would be deconstructing the artwork [taking it apart] and calling that process “art”

like the famous “drawing by deKooning, erased by Rauschenberg”

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People who put stickers on their laptops to differentiate themselves as wholly unique, individualistic, and creative people.

I would sell laptop covers that faithfully (but economically) represent that.

We’re really overdue for that, don’t you think?

You could have:
– The “Fedora hat wearing hipster” looking cover.
– The Goth, pierced, black clothes, white skin look.
– The LGBT provides an array of possibilities – rainbows, dogs, Oscar Wilde sitting in a chair.
– You could have both Pro and Anti MAC covers.
– You could have multiple “fixie culture” covers – florescent, delivery bags, huge chain image, etc.
– The 50’s cool – tats – old cars.

It’s endless.

This really should be its own question. Go for it.

It’s a battle. People take things and “fight” the system by repurposing them in ironic or “meaningful” ways, and then industry just takes that right around and makes money off of it.

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By the way – I read a book a while back that was related to this. The lead character was a coolhunter. A movie is being made.

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thank you for you responses and taking the time to help…

I think ive decided and im going with making gladiator shoes into modern gladiator sandels

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