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What is the difference between dreamers and fools?

Asked by lopezpor (241points) June 16th, 2010

Dreamers are those that, despite the facts, will keep on being optimistic… but when do we become hopeless optimists? would you call us, then, fools? Or should fools still be recognized as dreamers? What do you think?

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Dodging the bullet or getting it between the eyes.

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That depends on what “Facts” you’re talking about.

If the “fact” is “man, this sucks right now, but this is a temporary situation”, then dreamer. Cool.

If the “fact” is “never going to happen” – like looking for a live Dodo bird, or an honest politician, then fool.

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Dreamers have realistic goals still despite the opposition i.e dreaming of being accepted into a college as opposed to dreaming of winning the lottery instead of attempting to work your up in life.

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I am with @Blackberry A dreamer doesn’t actually dream at all-they set achievable goals and then take action. A fool hopes for something, and then waits for it to mysteriously happen.

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“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” John Lennon

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@Yetanotheruser My point exactly

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A fool is a failed dreamer.

Just saying.

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There are different combinations of dreamers…
Dreamers /doers
Dreamers / inventors
Dreamers / procrastinators
Dreamers / innovators
and, probably more.

Branding someone a fool, probably happens when others don’t see positive results from being any of the above.

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Dreamers have a goal

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@ChazMaz What is a failed dreamer? Did they fail to dream?

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@MissA – Basically what you said. :-) “others don’t see positive results ”

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@ChazMaz Ooh, yes! Well, I like to dream up dreams quite a bit. Then, I like to act on them to make ‘em happen. I’m no fool I tell you, no fool.
On another note, I do believe I’ll win the lotto someday. Am I a fool to think so? Watch this space

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If you win you are a great person. If you don’t. You have been a fool with your money. ;-)

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Fools rush in where angels fear to tread but dreamer perhaps just dream and don’t DO!

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Fools are dreamers who don’t know the difference between a dream and reality. Dreamers are optimists who simply like to have happy thoughts and don’t you dare try to talk me out of it! ;)

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A fool is never a fool till the foolish act has been committed, and confirmed.
Not to get confused with crazy.

Otherwise it is just perspective.

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I’m the dreamer, they’re the, I’m joking, joking
A dreamer knows themselves and strength of others.
A fool has no consistency.

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And, a dreamer believes that.

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@ChazMaz I disagree… You cannot try and then if you fail, call yourself a fool! Instead, you say “I tried” and even add “it was worth it”... Otherwise, it would be very self-defeating…

I guess evey single person in this planet is a dreamer in the perspective of some and a fool in the perspective of others (of course, those “others” who tend to give people negative labels)... Sometimes, what really matters is who you think you are… Unless it is clear that you are not seeing the facts—-> something might need to wake you up from that dream…

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“if you fail, call yourself a fool!”
We never call ourselves a fool. Others do that job. “We”, always being the dreamers.

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You have set up a straw man argument by limiting dreamer to a person who ignores the “facts”. Other words for Dreamer are visionary, idealist and theorist, none of whom ignore the facts, but rather pursue all the possibilities embraced by the facts.

The fool in your equation is the one who sees fantasy as fact.

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At one time going to the moon was fantasy.

If God Had Meant for Man to Fly, He Would Have Given Him Wings

Flight, a fools folly. Or is it? ;-)

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Can’t add much to what every one said above. My ex was a dreamer, and he almost made his dream happen. But he derailed it, our marriage, and everything else when he couldn’t handle the reality of seeing it through. He started by having an affair with one of the women we hired, and it just tumbled from there. That made him a fool.

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I would say, even to his own eyes…

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Dreamers think big and start small.

Fools think small and start big.

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@mattbrowne Great answer :)

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