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Fluther - in the strangest of places? Details inside.

Asked by zenele (8252points) June 16th, 2010

There’s this magazine I subscribe to, mostly Men’s humour and stuff, where people take photos of themselves, or their surroundings or whatever with the magazine.

It’s called “Name of the Magazine” in the strangest of places.

Some of them are weird and wonderful – in a prison, on a mountain in Tibet, with the Rockettes… you get the idea.

Here’s the shameless Fluther promotion part: I got the idea because Zebra (yep, the Evelyn) sent me a fluther sticker a while ago – and I thought I’d take a picture of it on my car and post it – but where? Photobucket? Then I remembered the “in the strangest of places thing” and voila – question…

I will eventually post mine (after I download the pics and videos from my video camera to the pc – again – just learning this stuff).

You go ahead – snap a picture of your Fluther T shirt/mug/sticker and be creative.


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We have a tavern in Hanover that does the same thing. Photos of people wearing their iconic T-shirt in exotic locals cover the walls; South Pole, Mt. Everest, Saddam Hussein’s palace, a yurt in the Gobi Desert, etc.

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Very clever @Cruiser!

But I’m dying to know the end of the story. Will there be a sequel?

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I have no way to post mine. It’s on my car, if that helps.

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I want a sticker. How can I get a sticker?

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@Seek_Kolinahr A user who is no longer here made and distributed them. I don’t think there is any way to get one, unless someone has extra.

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Aw, shucksinagles.

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Isn’t there a collection of photos like this on flickr or photobucket or something? I bet @augustlan would know the location…

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Here’s one of mine.

I was saving the other for my snowboard, but it ended up on my husband’s forehead one evening. I know someone here has a screenshot of it, but I can’t remember who. Maybe Allie?

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Mine is also on my car.

Now I miss EvelynsPetZebra

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@guys Thanks. @Cruiser‘s was awesome – and @jonsblond got the idea. Thsoe who photoshopped it to pictures, creative but not what I was looking for.

Perhaps Andrew will make some more if there’s a demand? PM him.

There are T-Shirts, right? Get one – and snap a photo of yourself somewhere wearing it.

@tinyfaery Why can’t you take a photo like @jonsblond did and post it?

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I luv the T-shirt. I will be getting one.
But, what throws me off is the brown shirt. Not crazy about brown. Sure it makes the Jelly pop.

With current events as they are. It appears to me, to be, a Gulf Coast Jellyfish.

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Where do I post it? I don’t belong to a share site.

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So sign up for free at the various sites – photobucket, picasa.

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@tinyfaery Use imgur It’s easy to use.

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Loves it! ^

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dr j swimwear
<—Also, Dr. J is hanging around my dog as in this pic.

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Well done ^.

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Great. Now instead of worrying about people staring at your boobs.

They will be staring at your Jelly.

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@ChazMaz I spewed pepsi on that one! Thanks.

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And what a fine jelly it is. ;-)

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