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What's the sign for...?

Asked by zenele (8242points) June 19th, 2010

The tilde ~ is sarcasm, the ;-) is a wink.

^ means the person above me, but how do you denote the person one above the one above you?

And while we’re on the subject, got any sign language from other websites that are unique, or would you like to be creative and come up with a new suggestion?

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How ‘bout this?

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@anartist I like it. Did it already exist, or have you just come up with it yourself?

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Spur of the moment. Thanks for teaching me what ~ and ^ meant.

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I love fluther.

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I don’t really know the function of tilde(I don’t usually use it). ^(2x) is what I can suggest.
Some other tilde I might know:
>_<: Aaay! It’s so exciting!

^_^: I’m happy.

+_+: I’m sick.

<0_0>: I’m focus on you.

%$#%$# : Dirty words.

Zzzzz: Sleeping.

that all know. I don’t know what 0_o means,and hopefully someone can tell me.

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And I love your avatar @zenele

:D <—- self-explanatory :) ...also self-explanatory.

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How about using the @userthatisabovetheonethatisaboveme ?

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Good one @rebbel – now watch the game and pray with me!

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I am doing just that!

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No you’re not – you’re writing here – now stop that or I’ll flag your ass for off-topic chatter.

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Gee, @zenele, you are serious about your games.
@Stevea I really don’t know what :D means?

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In chat we do ” ^@username

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Wow, I didn’t know about the tilde. That’s awesome! Do you use it at the end or at the beginning and end of your sarcasm?

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@papayalily At the end, didn’t cha know?~ :-)

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Oh is this the Yay Holland thread? Good, I was looking for it.

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^Back from my celebratory walk – still here or you tanning?

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^ Yay Holland thread?? Where do I find it?

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It is this @ followed by their name.

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@Doctor_D 0_o means your confused or shoked.For surprised theres =O
And for the person one above you I put
(^)I dont really know why but theres other ways..And theres…no wait @Doctor_D I think you covered them all.

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O_o denotes shock or surprise, but more like, ’‘okaaaaay’’ type deal thing.

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Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam Today——Sung to Jingle Bells

Holland thread ___________________________

on your organ

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Aw zen you took down the hot girl sheesh

Now everyone thinks I like Star Trek haha

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No, @Steve_A – now everyone thinks you’re gay.


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