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Have you ever met a Ladyboy?

Asked by zenele (8252points) June 19th, 2010

Talked with one?

Are they specifically ladyboys for the sex trade – or do they fall into it because of other reasons?

Thailand has many – but are they all over the world?

Why are they called ladyboys and not trans-gender like elsewhere?

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I’ve met pre-op male to female transexuals but none who work in the sex trade.

I just call them “women”.

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Some. Most of them usually work in prostitution field. Maybe the word “Ladyboy” is the way people brand and nickname these people. Deliberately prefer not to use the more scientific definition.

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I haven’t. The term refers to something rather specific and I can’t imagine circumstances in my life that would put me in a situation to meet one, though I sure wouldn’t mind. It’d probably be a really educational chat.

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I imagine that the term “lady boy” is used specifically FOR the sex trade (the implication being that the individual in question is a very young, possibly trans-gendered person). The label allows someone with a specific fetish to identify (and potentially obtain) the object of their desires. This is different from folks who are aware their brains don’t match their bodies and want to fix a birth defect. Some of the “lady boys” may fall into this category (body and brain mismatch), but have been forced to sell their bodies for food, clothing, shelter and others may be street kids without many choices.

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Never met one but according to the Urban Dictionary, I learned some interesting facts:

Beautiful MEN living as women!

Transvestite; a young male dressed as an attractive girl, often practising as a prostitute.
Back in his room, he discovered she was a ladyboy. But as he’d already paid, he thought he’d better make the best of it. It was the best head he’d ever had.

Male naturally with all the attributes of a woman except for the plumbing. A true Ladyboy does not need surgery or makeup to look like a woman, nor is there a need to try and sound like a woman it is all natural for them.

If you go in to a club or talk to a Ladyboy on the street you would not know from the body language or voice that you are talking to a man.

Once the truth is known, one might even want to try him/she out just to see if they can get past the plumbing issues.

but there is no difference between a man’s and a woman’s mouth….......32 teeth and a tongue

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In Italy they’re called Rickioni. I have spoken with a few, and some trans-sexuals in the states (Is that the right term? Men who have had or begun altering surgery..) When I hear that term, which is new to me btw, I think of people like RuPaul. The ones in real life were not that over-the-top but I live in eastern Kentucky near WV and that may be one reason they could just be keeping a low pro.
The one at Cingular still had a pretty deep voice and one could tell obviously with both of them. I did not know either one well enough to feel comfortable asking personal questions but I was curious about how many surgeries they would need and how long the whole process was going to take. They both wanted to be known a women, period.

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Why are they called LadyBoys instead of BoyLadies? Do those terms imply different things?

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It seems that the Asian or Filipino transgendered are called ladyboys.

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ok so my cousin went from jessica to jessie she/he is white. Sounds like a masculine woman and she looks just like a guy. I never wanna see that person again lol

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Something tells me @superneil21 might not last long on Fluther.

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Let’s hope so.

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What I want to know is if these people prefer this term or if they deal with it simply because they have no choice. I would also be interested to know if there are people like this who do not engage in prostitution.

@superneil21: Do you not want to see your cousin because you do not like him or because he is transgendered?

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First, I don’t think people in Thailand that are Khatoey refer to themselves as ladyboys but I could be wrong. The reason why they don’t use transgender is because this term is a Western invention and it’s not necessary to use it to apply to other cultures. I have met many trans people, none that have identified themselves to me personally as belonging to the group of sex workers who might be ladyboys in Thailand.

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@zenele Are you trying to offend people?

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Yes. The term “ladyboy” is generally used in Thailand for both transsexuals and drag queens that ply the bars, so it is primarily connected with the sex trade. I have met that kind, and also their US counterparts. I also once met a preoperative transsexual who I would never have guessed was not a natural born female. A friend of mine knew her, and brought her as his date to a party I gave. I got to know here a bit. She was 19 at that time, but said her parents had been sympathetic and had gotten her on hormones when she turned 13. It really showed. Even her voice was quite feminine.

What I have learned from my contacts with these people is that there is a whole pantheon of types. Transsexuals are people who feel their body’s gender is out of sync with their mental gender. Transvestites are mostly straight men who get turned on by wearing women’s clothing. Psychologists theorize that they project their desire toward the person they see in the mirror, but my experience suggests that is jost one of numerous motivations behind transvestism. Drag queens are homosexual men who dress as females to attract male lovers. They will often look very convincing, but wear male underpants—something no transsexual of transvestite would be inclined to do.

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@lillycoyote Read up – I don’t think I’ve offended anyone by asking this question and learning more about it.

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@zenele never offends. Might stand off base, but never offends.

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@ChazMaz Thanks. I probably do on occasion, but thanks.

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@zenele So sorry, dearest. I should have read the details. :) Vacation from fluther apparently either too long or not long enough. :)

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I met a rather homely shemale (not in person mind you) on the internet, but never a ladyboy, which to my understanding, reflects a higher standard, and also (from what I’ve seen) means s/he is asian. I want to, why, you got one in your closet? Can I come over and shake he/r…. um… hand? XD

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@unused_bagels There is so much wrong with your statement, I fear I have no place to start. Suffice it to say, much of what you say is offensive to me.

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Much of what i say in general? Do you stalk me online?

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@unused_bagels No, I meant in that statement

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