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What offends you?

Asked by Berserker (33519points) June 19th, 2010

Many people are offended by a lot of things. For different reasons. Some aren’t offended by much at all. Tell me your story, in the meanwhile, I’ll tell you mine.

I’d like to say that virtually nothing offends me, but that isn’t true. I’m like the most non patriotic person ever, and I don’t think that things like cultures and countries should separate mankind as it often seems to do. I won’t base my judgement of someone on account of where they come from, or where they live.
Yet, I totally hate it when someone insults or makes fun of my country. Not because of what is said of it, but rather because when people do this, they usually seem to use that to personally insult me. I think that’s pretty low, seeing as it’s not relevant to me as a person, at least not in my mind. I mean just insult me individually, not wherever I’m from. (But I guess, whatever works right?)
Of course, everyone makes fun of France, hell I do it too, and I don’t mean that THAT offends me, but rather when it’s used against me, as I’ve explained. I don’t know if it’s making any sense, but yeah.
I know this guy who totally hates the French, but we’re friends anyway. He really likes seeing me angry for some reason though, and basically he blames me for World War II, or when I react or whatever he’ll always say just how ’‘French’’ everything I say or do is. Anyways I haven’t spoken to him forever, and don’t plan on doing as such if I can help it. Plenty of people have found that using my roots or heritage against me pisses me off, or, ’‘offends’’ me, per se. Or maybe not, maybe it actually does offend me, even if it’s not directed at it, and I just don’t wanna admit it. Anyways.

So what offends you? Whatever it is. Mentalities, moral aspects, or lacks thereof, practises, swear words, behaviours, whatever, and explain why, if you can. This question is not meant to instruct or deviate people away from what offends them, it isn’t meant to start fights or anything, but just to get your peeve off your chest, at least for a bit.

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rudeness, being inconsiderate of others…heartless

think before you speak

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When a coach calls the athletes “girls”. My son-in-law does that to my grandson too. I’d like to deck him.

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Manipulation offends me.

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There are really only three things I find offensive and they all have to do with personally attacking/insulting me in some way, but even then, most people aren’t going to do this to me (because I probably wouldn’t give them much reason to) and it also depends on who does it. If I don’t know you and don’t care much about you, then there’s not much you can do to hurt me.
But if I’m close with you, it’s a lot easier to offend me with the following:

1) When people talk down to me as if I’m a dog. (I seriously find this to be the utmost form of disrespect.)

2) When people lie in order to diminish the character and integrity of myself or anyone in my family.

3) When people use generalizations against me in order to have an excuse to hate me or insult me or hurt me (whether it be because of what I look like, where I live, my political/religious stances, among other things) without knowing anything about me.

Other than that, there’s really not much else I find offensive. Bad/vulgar language doesn’t bother me. I even find racial slurs to be pretty powerless.
I can’t think of any practices, rituals, morals or values that I find offensive. There are some I don’t care for, but they don’t necessarily offend me.

I’ve been participating on q&a sites for about a year now and I only remember one thing that truly bothered me. This was months ago on another site.
Somebody said that they thought all babies with down syndrome should be aborted. I was all “WUT?”. Lulz. Someone later told me that they thought he was a troll. but I personally don’t think so. He made continuous arguments about where he stood on the issue and his reasons continued to get more redonkulous and more offensive, but he was so certain that what he was saying made sense. Agh – it was disgusting.

But anyway, I rarely, rarely get offended over stuff because I find that emotion to be an exhausting and borderline pointless one, so instead, I just kill people and then I don’t have to worry about it.

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Kiddie porn, gratuitous sex in tv shows really irks me and bad sound engineering or mixing in movies. I mean if you are going to go through the trouble of spending lots of time and money making a movie than make the damn thing so we can hear and understand the words and not have to turn up the sound and the next scene blow you out of your chair. Miking a scene properly and sound mixing is really not that hard.

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Bad breath.

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Over the top, aggressive religion.

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Religious fanatics who try to legislate their dogma.

Loss of personal privacy; people who think they have a “right” to every bit of personal information about others.

Those who make fun of French people (my lady was French-Canadian).

Nosy government types (like the census doing any more than counting heads, the only thing the Constitution authorizes them to do).

People who assume that you are dishonest because you don’t like to make eye contact.

Logging trucks with bad brakes.

French carpenter: “I cut this board three times, she still too short.”

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I am offended by ignorant people whose minds are made up and don’t want to be confused with the facts.

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@ChazMaz <shakes fist> jk

Well, at least you didn’t say I’d burn in hell if I didn’t convert. :)

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No way, heaven would be no fun with the like of you not there. :-)

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Horn honkers…people that honk for ridiculous reasons. So what if grandma isn’t driving fast enough for your taste? Sheesh!

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If someone disrespects my family, home or friends, I’m offended.

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Everything the members have mentioned and if someone undermines my intelligence!

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People who:
Have no common courtesy and can’t even pretend to be polite.
Claim to be religious and ignore the core elements of it.
Are like Ann Coulter
Act like Mean Girls – especially when they’re in their 50’s.
Treat me/friends/family like a four year old.
Abuse in any way, shape, or form.

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People that “generalize”. Especially when they generalize people from a certain region. Like “everyone from the South is a racist”.

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Going commando.

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I have to admit…

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@ChazMaz Now it isn’t offensive, but hot? hahaha

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Funny how that works that way.

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Generalizations about groups of people.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I’m not mean, am I? >_> XD

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@Symbeline Oh no! I didn’t mean you! I just had a run-in with a violent drunk (and my arm in a cast as a result). :^( You’re delightful, sober or otherwise.

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People who completely deny or disregard environmental issues.
And they are usually conrol-issued, egomaniac right-wingers who go on and on about personal responsibility, but can’t take the time to throw a can in a recycle bin or not drive a #$(*% Hummer.
They sure do forget that, even if they don’t believe it, it still affects them (Cut off nose/spite face). I SAID IT!!!!

Also, green peas.

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liers, fakes and people that thik they are better then everyone else !

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