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Are carrots actually good for eyesight?

Asked by noodlehead710 (309points) June 19th, 2010

Are carrots good for eyesight? I was thinking about this today while running, and couldn’t come up with any reason outside of getting a particular vitamin. If that is the case, wouldn’t other food that carry this vitamin also be good? Do carrots just have that much more vitamin X than other foods? Do they improve your eyesight, or just prevent degradation?

I’m just trying to figure out why carrots are the poster-vegetable for eyesight, let me know what you know/think.

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Yes, it’s not just a bubbe meise. Carrots contain a lot of Vitamin A which is important for good eyesight, particularly night vision.

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I always assumed it was more propaganda from my mother…

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Yeah – but sometimes your mother is right. (Even sometimes my mother was right, and she always told me that too.)

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Beta Carotene has been found to slow macular degeneration.

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@janbb Aha, vitamins! I thought so. But you’ve only answered the easy question, and not the more pressing ones. Why do carrots have a monopoly on vitamin A? Another question is why do we pick vision out of the list of benefits vitamin A can provide?

@dpworkin Sorry, got to use ignorant-person talk on me :)

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@noodlehead710 THANK YOU FOR YOUR QUESTION. I may be premature for the thanks and the story is too long to tell. But your questions prompted me to do some research on the signs of Vitamin A deficiency. It may have helped me to solve a long standing problem. If I’m wrong in my assumption than no harm. If I’m right than that is great!
If you simply don’t like carrots, there are other sources. VitaminA

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Of course. Ever seen a rabbit with glasses?

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Nah, they can help lower the risk of eye disease sure, but that’s about their limit.

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