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I am a newbie here.. Let me know how fluther had helped you people these days?

Asked by geethaa (15points) June 20th, 2010

Fluther and your experience

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Hi there, @geethaa. Welcome to Fluther! If you browse around a bit, you’ll get a pretty good idea of how the site works, and see how helpful it can be. I learn something new nearly every day here! I’m the Community Manager, so feel free to send me a message (click on my avatar and leave a comment on my profile page) if you need help with anything. Enjoy!

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I love it. People are themselves freely and honestly, which allows you to get the best answers. If you have an embarrassing question, no one judges you. People are very helpful. You’ll very much enjoy Fluther and welcome!
Oh, do read the guidelines so you’re not surprised when your comment or question comes back for editing. :)

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I guess fluther is different for everyone.It’s never going to help me with anything, don’t require any.For me it’s the fun & games, having a laugh that grabs.Welcome pull up a chair relax & enjoy ;¬}

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For me it’s the seafood.

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* Sometimes, there is really good advice.
* And a fair amount of posts are really witty or insightful.
* Other people’s perspectives are enlightening, even if I don’t agree with it. I’ve even read a few of my own posts and wondered, “What in the world was I thinking??”

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Welcome to Fluther!

Fluther is a lot of fun and really good site. There is a good exchange of ideas here that are helpful with everyday life’s problems!

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Fluther is a great collection of intelligent, witty and helpful people. Far fewer trolls and flamers than you’ll find anywhere else. Moderators who actually do their jobs. Just mind your Ps and Qs in the General section and you’ll “lurve” it here.

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People here I have never met are wishing me a happy fathers day…how cool is THAT?!! ;)

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Fluther has helped me with so many things, I don’t know where to start. I’ll give two recent examples.

I just had my first experience with vertigo, and it has been awful for me. I asked a question about it, and immediately had several users telling me about their experience with it. I felt a sense of relief when I knew that I had people to talk to that I trust and admire.

My son recently flew to Germany from Chicago. I was curious of the flight path, so I asked a question to see if anyone could find a map of the flight path for me. I received more than I asked for. A user gave me a link to a site that has real time tracking of flights. I was able to see where he was over the Atlantic while in flight, and my six year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

Fluther is full of surprises. I hope you like it here. Welcome! :)

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I got a cat two years ago (by default) and hadn’t a clue. We had several upsetting misadventures during the first 10 days. My fluther cat mavens saved my hide, literally, and continute to do so.

I have also had wonder Mac tech support here from a group of informed and kind people.

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edit: wonderful

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Fluther gives me a chance to answer questions and join conversations with people who are interesting. I often find subjects that are fun to research. It’s more fun than reading wikipedia, because there is interaction with other members.

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@zenele I knew it! You’re just here for the buffet, aren’t you? And to check out @Jeruba’s legs.

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I could answer this but I don’t want anyone to vomit <3

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Fluther is a site where you can learn and you can teach. We do this to each other all the time. I learn something new everyday here. I try to ask and answer questions about law enforcement that will help someone to stay out of trouble and to inform. The Moderators are the Fluther Police. They do not mind giving out suspended time, if you are out of line in a question or answer and that is a good thing.

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