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Anyone know how to do dreadlocks or where to get them done?

Asked by veganforlife420 (24points) June 20th, 2010

i have been really wanting dreads for over 2 years now. i’ve really really thought about this and i do really want them.
but anyways i just want to know where i can go to get dreadlocks, either in Colorado, Arkansas, South Carolina, or anywhere else you know of.
and if you know someone or you yourself can do dreads i would really like someone to help me do my locks

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Dreadding Caucasian hair and black hair is somewhat different. Your screen name causes me to suspect that you are Caucasian, so the best direction to take is to get a dreadlock kit, like Knotty Boy. You need special products to care for dreadlocks; there is a bit of work to maintaining them.

You can section your hair into small braids, using small rubber bands, to see if you like the way it’s going to look on you before you commit to the process. What looks good on others may not achieve the same look on you, and it’s nice to know before you commit.

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Dreadlocks are easy: do nothing. Hair left unwashed and uncombed for long enough naturally produce dreads. In fact, you’ll get dreads whether you want them or not if you wait long enough.

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i really don’t think it matters what type of hair you have. any hair type can lock up if done right :)

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@veganforlife420, all hair can dread up, but if you have thin, pale blond hair, how you think you’re going to look with dreads in your head, and how dreads actually look on you the person can be two different things. My daughter’s friend grew his hair out for 18 months, spent a ton of money and time on getting dreads put in, took one look at himself in the mirror, said, “I look like a F-ing jackass in these,” and headed for the #2 clippers. One of my daughter’s friends had awesome dreads for 3 years. Her hair was normally thick and curly. My daughter has very straight hair, and they did not suit her at all, because no matter what she did, the dreads were thin, and you could see way too much scalp. She took them out after 6 months. Another friend dreaded waist-long hair, but didn’t want to put the work into keeping them up, and she ended up with a half-dreaded head, that looked stupid on her.

It can lock up, but the process is different. The nappiness of black hair cause it to lock up much faster and with a lot less work. You have to do a lot more backcombing if your hair is very straight to start out with. With black hair, there’s a twisting method that works pretty well.

Regardless, section your hair into 1” – 2” squares, with a small rubber band and the bottom, and a small rubber band at the top. Use a dreadding comb to backcomb each dread, pulling it into the direction you want it to go. You should leave the bottom band in until the dread matures, then remove it. How your hair is initially sectioned will determine how the dread will lie, and depending on how thick your hair is, will give you an overall sense of the look.

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I was going to ask this last week…...Great minds think like.

since I was going to ask, I dont have that much knowledge, but dont wash your hair, dont brush. It’s the set up of the bands that really makes the differene.

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You do have to wash dreads. If you take the unwashed approach, it will take you about 2 years to have dreadlocks. For those two years, you will look like someone who doesn’t wash or brush their hair, which is not what great dreads look like. Dreads require regular care in order to not look disgusting. Dirty hair is gross and smelly.

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@veganforlife420: It does matter what kind of hair you have. African hair naturally naturally starts to dread and will keep dreads better and longer. If you are white, Asian, Hispanic or some other race, your hair will not dread easily. I would suggest going to a salon that specializes in dread locks and ask them what you can do. They might even be able to do it for you.

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I have dreads and I love them! I’m african american though, so you may or may not be able to use the same products as me. I use jamaican mango & lime, you can find it at any drug store, walmart, some beauty supply places, etc. When I first started I assumed that using beeswax was a good thing but it’s not so DONT USE IT!!! Good luck with them, don’t fuck it up!

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Just tease the hair and apply dread-wax. I found some called “It’s a Black Thang” at Wal-Mart. Then use small rubber bands to tie tops and bottoms of locks so they will hold.

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I live in pueblo and have done my wife hair for over a year if you like I will help email is

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