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Why do people choose to live where they are frequently visited by tornados?

Asked by cornman (737points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone
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you can ask the samething about floods,earthquakes,wild fires est. Its our homes the places we love

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Cheap house prices .

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ya! No shit huh?

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The odds of a tornado hitting are so slim that it really shouldn’t be a factor when determining where to live.

Living on the east coast of Florida seems like a death wish to me. Maybe not a death wish. But you shouldn’t be surprised if your house gets fucked up.

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see I think different than you john not saying I’m right your wrong but growing up in florida and now living in the twin cites I would bet more poeple die from the cold up here in a year than poeple do from tornados down south

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Geezzz… I live in sunny California, you know? EARTHQUAKE Capital of the world… Okay, so I am wrong, that title goes to Alaska. Yet, statistics show, that we Californians live in a state that has the MOST damaging earthquakes… Add to that, we have NO idea when or where the next one may happen, only that it is going to happen. Does this make us a bunch of nutcases for living here? Hmmmm! Go figure…

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I felt the sameway about fla with the big storms there I was not leaving because of a lil wind just as your not leaving over a lil shaking

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It’s a great way to get a brand new trailer every year. Have you noitced that they seem to hit trailer parks more than anything? Is this God’s way of telling us not to live in trailer parks?

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Same reason folks “Bungie-Jump” and “Skydive”...

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Sometimes we choose to live in these areas because local convenience stores stock our favorite magazines and beer. It is well worth the risk to live in these areas for that reason and because they climate wise is conducive to the wife beater T-Shirt that is so popular in these areas.

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