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How do you track your job search activity?

Asked by NoCatharsis (207points) June 23rd, 2010

I’ve recently gone on the job hunt, and I’ve seen a few articles addressing the importance of tracking follow-ups and contacts for each position. Two of the sites I’ve seen in recent articles mention and as useful tools for tracking this activity.

I signed up for each and gave them a spin, but neither seems to be intuitive or well-managed. For instance, Becomed consistently shows errors on my page, and JibberJobber’s calendar system is, frankly, disgustingly programmed from what I can tell.

I’m tempted to just go back to a simple spreadsheet, but the problem with that was constant upkeep. With these sites, your next action items are easily viewable, and contacts are all in one place.

Is there another alternative I’m overlooking? Have I not given these sites a thorough chance yet?

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When I was doing my job search, I used a Microsoft word doc – I put down each job, when I submitted what and extrapolated 2 weeks for follow up date – then I regularly cheched in with the doc to do my follow up and to cross of jobs offered to others. Jobs that I was being interviewed for I highlighted green and jobs I was being offered I highlighted blue.

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