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Do you like happy meal toys?

Asked by Tarf (187points) June 25th, 2010

just wondering

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Do you know how many innocent animals they kill with each meal those fast food corporations make? That those toys may contain hazardous material and the fact that the toys are complete money wasters….............................................................................

Sometimes, when I’m bored…

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I’d just rather not go at all…unhappy meals or no.

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How can you not?

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Waste of time and resources just to end up in a landfill.. Give the kids a coloring page instead, it will give them the same amount of happiness for the same amount of time.

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After Star Wars: Episode V . The toys went down hill.

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I loved ‘em, growing up. Held on to them for years, @HeatherGrace.

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@Nullo : Oh don’t get me wrong the quality of their toys when I was growing up was great, I kept many of them for a long time. However, the quality now is comparable to crap. I remember when the happy meals were actually in the cool boxes and a lot of the time there we’re punch out parts that made it part of the toy. Now it’s all just made as cheaply as possible so they can save a few cents on each toy. Besides even children now have changed and for so many a McDonald’s toy is just something to entertain them while they eat their McNuggets before they head to the play area.

I feel as if I could go on forever… we over consume everything. Ugh.

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I wanted a Vegita figurine from a Happy Meal once, but they wouldn’t hand one over because I was too old.

Fuck MacDick’s and their lame ass shit.

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