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How to remove a popcorn ceiling

Asked by jbeers (6points) March 18th, 2008

ok, so this may seem a bit weird, but this is a question that i recently had, and i thought i would share an answer with the community!

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It’s going to be a big job-the removal isn’t so tough, but the underlayment (adhesives) will require extra work to remove, and the cracks that were probably being hidden by the popcorn will have to be patched; also the ceiling will probably not be totally flat, though you can kind of eyeball this even before the process begins.

Good luck! Ask a hardware store pro about this-there are chemicals (cough), tools and solutions that are specially made for this kind of texture removal process.

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just google it. Google usually takes care of questions like that

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@jbeers: from the wording of your ‘question’, it seems like you want to share your answer with us? Please explain…

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This is exactly the type of question that should be asked here. I wish I could help, but I can’t. But it is a good question.

It was done poorly, but the premise was good.

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sorry guys – didn’t mean to confuse. (i’m at work and fluthering on the side – don’t tell!!)

essentially, i came across a very basic answer to a question that i had, and i thought others might be interested as well. sndfreQ definitely had a lot more to contribute to my simple foundations – thanks guys!

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@jbeers: no worries mate-glad you could join us :) and Welcome to Fluther!

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Ahhh.. I misinterpreted things. Yeah, this was kinda a shitty thing to post here. Answers to questions we might have in the future don’t go over well.

And I second the welcome of sndfreQ. I will offer a bit of advice. Read the site for a couple of days to get a feel for things. It is a entertaining website and it would suck if you left for getting trounced on your first day for not understanding the etiquette.

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