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Rotten Day Lately? What Happened?

Asked by Aster (19984points) June 26th, 2010

Have you had a bad day? I have. Pulled a muscle reaching down to the floor, the toilet overflowed and our other (vacant)house was broken into and the stereo components stolen. It’s for sale-no interest. Had any rotten days lately?

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ya my brother had to go to the hospital today

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I haven’t really had any bad days lately, just exhausting days. Today and yesterday I had a garage sale. It went really well, so I’m happy about that. I’m just pooped.
Right now, I’m eating Runts, my favorite candy, and sitting with an awesome quilt made by my great grandmother that my mom gave to me today.
And in a week I’m leaving on a three week vacation to Michigan and Georgia. (My first vacation in about 6 years.) FTW!

The only two things bothering me are 1) My recent inability to get a full night’s rest in weeks. I use to have insomnia years ago, but beat it to a pulp and was doing really well. Now, I’m afraid its come back and I’m not sure why. I do have a lot on my mind, but I’m usually always able to get more than two hours of sleep a night. It’s seriously kicking my ass right now.
And 2) My grandmother’s health is declining rapidly and I’m not sure she’s going to be with us much longer, which of course, is a horrible feeling. I wuv my grams. =/

Anyway, I hope things get better for you. =)

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I’m actually kind of cranky today, yeah. I couldn’t sleep last night, so I’m running on empty now. Then I had this crazy obnoxious tickling sensation in my ear all day driving me up a wall. And at some point I bit my cheek and now I have a big angry lump on my inner cheek.
And I just undercooked my dinner… so my rice was hard. All really really minor stuff. I am just grouchy.

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It been 2 week ago, but its still fresh in my mind. We were stranded in Atlantic City during Spirit airlines pilot’s strike. In order to fly another airline to get home, other airlines were charging $900 and more for one-way tickets. Rental cars were trying to charge just as much. Spirit offered no help in at least trying to get passengers to Philidelphia or New York which have major airports and transportation hubs.

None of this would have been so devastating, but husband takes about 100 meds a day (that’s exagerating, it’s more like 30), and his pills would run out the next day.

We ended up finding a reasonable rental car from Hertz and drove 13 hours non-stop to get home.

@Aster I feel your pain
@Jay484 I hope your brother a speedy recovery
@Vunessuh I hope you enjoy Michigan (my home state). And prayers for your grams.

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I had a bad month a while back so no one single day has been all that bad since then.

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A fucking fly just landed in my beer mug and died in there! I’m not joking, it really happened. Goddamn this shit. That’s gross, I hate flies. Houseflies are disgusting.

But otherwise, my day was actually pretty awesome. Cleaned this dump up with my new roommate, played a buncha old ass Super Mario games, and the weather was awesome. Plus, Chinese food.

@Vunessuh Let’s hope for the best about your grandma. ’‘Hugs’’

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@AmWiser & @Symbeline Aw, thank you both. :)

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I work in my hubbies familiy business along with my mother-in-law…. need I say more?!

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I watched someone bleed to death last week.

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