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What is your favorite Caribbean Island and why?

Asked by SublimeLover (204points) June 29th, 2010

My parents own a travel agency that specializes in the Caribbean, and I just love it down there! I’ve been to many islands, but some of my favorites are Tortola, St.Maarten, and Aruba. St Kitts and Bonaire were beautiful also. I got married in Bermuda on the beach, and think Bermuda really does have some of the nicest beaches in the world. What are your favorite islands and why? What are your favorite resorts when staying there or do you cruise?

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Tortola for me, too. I loved the snorkeling, and the white sandy beaches were very relaxing. :-)

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I’ve been to St. Maarten and the Bahamas, and I liked St. Maarten more. I was with my girlfriend instead of my shipmates.

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I liked Bermuda, but geographically speaking I don’t think it is part of the Caribbean.

I haven’t been to the Caribbean, but I’d like to do a sailing trip there. There is one island I have in mind that I’d like to particularly see…

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It’s Bonaire for me. The land, the people, the animals (who doesn’t love being nuzzled by a wild goat? or a donkey?), the very soul of that island was utterly beautiful. I even forgive the jellyfish for attacking me.

Bonaire might be in the same chain as Aruba, but it is not a party island. It’s quiet and calm, with a rich history. Though, the locals do rev it up a little on Sunday nights. ^_^

I stayed at the Plaza Resort Bonaire, and loved every minute of it.

I highly recommend taking a sunset sailboat trip. Look for the green flash at sunset, it’s there.

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Jamaica or Aruba. Great beaches in both and great services. In Jamaica I recromend Beaches all inclusive resort. Great for families awsome services, people, and just a great time. Aruba has a beautiful beach, Baby Beach. Very warm water, excelent outdoor activities such as looking around at small caves. Turks and Cacios is also very nice. Went in December, was about 70–80 degrees not too hot but once again Beaches resort in Turks and Cacios I recromend. 5 stars!!!

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Try Negril Jamaica!! If you love Aruba you will LOVE Jamaica!!Been 3 times, try it out!!

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Trinidad and Tobago, been there and is a little unknown jewel in the Caribbean

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Jamaica is my favorite. I love the beach, the cliffs and the vibe of the island, as well as the food. I am waiting to visit.

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