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What's your favourite topic?

Asked by zenele (8252points) June 29th, 2010

This might be an interesting way to get to know the jellies a little better.

You’re all tapped out for questions. Nothing in the inbox, can’t think of what to ask. You’ve combed the three sections, and now you need some older question fix.

You go to topics, and type…

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I like medical and relationship questions (not the “does he like me” but the more indepth ones).

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Anal beads.

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Something to do with sex.

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My favorite topic is AstroChuck.

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I like anything to do with the mind, ethics and mythology. I also have some expertise in medical and physics based topics.

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See my profile for my real range of interests. Sex is in the list, of course!

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animals, recipes, getting to know you, humor

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edit: wrong thread, oops.

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People and their views on any subject!

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Usually movies or books.

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Books, sexuality, history and cooking are my favorites. The rest are on my profile.

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Politics. Always good for some entertaining discussions… :-)

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BP, 2012, dream analysis, Obama/Bush, illegal immigrants, wireless routers
Friendship, Humor, Sexuality, Psychology, Sports

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I enjoy the “what is this song/movie/television show” questions, since it plays right into my vast supply of worthless knowledge.

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Every topic becomes a topic within a topic.

Anything that exposes individuals for who they really are.

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I go random. Start clicking everything in the “Siblings” boxes.

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The performing arts (comedy/music/film/television)

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Literature, psychology, politics

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I put ‘feminist’ and ‘gender’.

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Music, sex, art, and ASTROCHUCK.

I also love SimonedeB’s avatars. Beautiful. :)

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Ambidextrous Defenestrators.

I’ve yet to find a question that fully grasps the subject. Sigh.

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Oh God, @Vunessuh! You made my heart nearly stop! I think I’m in love! ;-)

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities – Hahahahahahaha! “Doin’ all right so far!”

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Ecology, ethology, entomology, environment, wildlife, animals, pets

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Evolution is always good for a laugh round here.

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Pets, AstroChuck.

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Oh, I’m sorry, I left one out – AstroChuck!

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Another favourite is medical questions where the only sensible answer is “Doctor NOW!!”

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You mean topics on HERE or topics to discuss w/a s/o? Doesn’t matter much what’s on here but to chat about with a s/o: friends, family, cities, pets, history, UFO’s…..hey; about the same as on here! (although I have a strong interest in medicine and health-related topics which is almost ignored. lol (that was a laugh symbol )

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Also, zombies.

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@Symbeline Really? You’re kidding or do you have knowledge of and interest in discussing zombies?
Must be kinda difficult locating someone else who likes to have a little chat about them.

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Romero zombies or Hyper zombies?

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@Seek_Kolinahr Romero zombies are my favourite, all the way. I like all zombies though, fast hyper ones, ones that talk, others that use firearms, Nazi zombies, animal zombies, (Ever seen Black Sheep haha? ) zombies thaat just eat brains, zombies that eat everything on a human, you name it…but in my mind, nothing beats the classic shuffling and moaning zombie.
I know you like the Romero zombies too. :)

@Aster I do have a great interest in zombies, and much of the entirety of the Undead spectrum. I don’t know if I’m that knowledgeable about it, but it’s a passion. Finding like minded people to talk with isn’t as hard as you think.

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I like Frizzer questions. I know, that just mean!! :P

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I like evolution,animals,nature,religion,and opinion question(like your question).

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Animals, culture, history, science (mostly to learn stuff as I fear I don’t know enough to contribute), music, books, race, ethnicity, society, AstroChuck

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sport, politics, media, education

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