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Can blood be brown during your period?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) June 30th, 2010

This question, i would think, is mainly for women. But anyway, I just got my period 3 months ago and most of the time when I get it, the blood is brown either on the toilet paper or on the pad.

My mom, i guess, didnt know know the answer to it so, im asking you, women fluther-ers, can your blood be brown during your preriod. (And F.Y.I., couldnt think of a better way to ask this question, so if its disturbing, sorry, i need to know.)

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Brown is well within normal range. When you start your period, or have very light periods, it will be brown. Heavier periods will be much darker colored—kind of (eww) grape jelly colored.

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Keobooks beat me to it, but the answer is still yes. ;~) And I have it too.

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It’s “old” blood, and usually nothing to worry about, though it wouldn’t hurt to ask your gyn about it if you’re concerned.

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Yes, it can – I remember during the first year of my period, it was quite brown and eventually settled out to red.

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First off- kudos to you for learning about your body. Pick up a copy of Our Bodies Our Selves when you get the chance, if you want to learn more.

Second- yes, it’s normal; especially for the first year. Sometimes a lighter brown color is seen when on the first few, or last few, days of one’s period as well.

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Very normal, and good for you for not being afraid to ask.
Welcome to fluther.

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