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Did you ever own a skateboard/roller skates & what were some injuries or at least near misses that occured?

Asked by ucme (50037points) June 30th, 2010

Of course some of you may still own & use them now.What tricks could/can you do? Did you street skate or go to a skate park?

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My 10th grade photo clearly shows a black eye I got from rollerskating.I have also punched my friend in the eye by accident on my way down.
Skateboarding, I cracked my ass on the cement.
The one trick I want to learn is how to defy gravity.I’m almost there.

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I never owned roller skates (I never learned how to move in them and they horrified me) but I did own roller blades. I both street skated and went to a skate park. I used to do all kinds of things on them – from jumping off curbs, to speeding down steep hills to immediately enter into fast spins, to skating backward, to having street races with neighbors, etc. I never got hurt on them, which absolutely amazes me, because I got pretty stupid sometimes. The closest I came to an injury was when I was speeding down the street and I hit a piece of gravel. Locked my wheels up and almost sent me face-first into the pavement. Of course I never wore a helmet, either… So I’m damn lucky.

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Skateboard. Street. No serious injuries. Missing it.

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I loved rollerskating. My friends and I would skate all the time. I kept my skates for a very long time, but had to throw them out when my sons got a hold of them and used them until they fell apart. I also owned a skate board, but I didn’t do any tricks.

I recently got a great deal on some old roller derby skates that were put up for a silent auction at Goodwill. I was the only person that bid. They are mine for $5!

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I used to roller skate as a child. I fell down (sat down) and broke my right wrist.

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It’s a classic family tale to gleefully recount my discomfort of how, at 10yo, I fractured an arm from a skateboard incident and soon after fell and sprained my other arm – walking around immobile with two arms in a sling.

I still own and occasionally use a skateboard, and was into Rollerblade hockey for a bit. I missed the whole street skater thing.

The huge backside tricks make me want to puke. That feeling, like when your balls have been smacked, is where the much overused term “sick” comes from. Clint Mansell’s Requiem for a Dream is much overused on Youtube – but entirely appropriate for this. The last air is just insane.

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Approximately 85% of the time during warmer months (from age 8–13) I had bruises, scabs, and very little skin on my elbows and knees, directly due to my roller blades. I even lost a fingernail during one particularly nasty fall. But, I’m an excellent skater to this day.

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Neighborhood roller-skating on the old Winchester metal clamp-on skates with a skate key—great! What a pleasure kids have missed in the years since, without them. A few little bumps and bangs were all they cost me for hours and hours of fun.

When I was 14 I broke my left arm roller skating in a rink. I’m right-handed, but I found out then that it’s not so much a right-hander’s world as a two-hander’s world. Finishing the school year in a plaster cast, including hauling a ton of books around and typing a long report, was no treat. And the thing itched like mad for most of the six weeks.

When it came time for carpal tunnel surgery a few years ago, I did plenty to prepare for being without the use of one hand for a couple of weeks. It’s much easier when you plan for it.

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I still skate somewhat, but I’ve lost much of my ability. Biking has replaced it in terms of my interests. Back in middle school, I was a bigtime skateboarder. Mostly at skate-parks or around the neighborhood; I rarely used it to travel around like some of my friends did. I could do all the main tricks: ollie, kickflip, heelflip, etc.

My friend had a half-pipe in his yard and I use to skate on that and do all kinds of crazy shit. I got really good in 8th grade. I just don’t remember how to do any of that anymore… :(

This famous picture of me (my very first Myspace pic back when I had a Myspace) is a depiction of me at the peak of my skateboarding “career”. :P

I’ve had more injuries than I could count. This is back when I was teeny tiny too. Back in middle school, it was uncommon to see me without some kind of red mark on me. :) I never got any serious injuries, though, thank God. My best friend broke his leg skateboarding.

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My cousin had one of those yellow Free Former skateboards back in 1980. On Memorial Day that year, there was a church picnic at the local city park. He went to play softball, so I took his skateboard, and scooted uphill. I came down at a pretty good rate of speed, trying to copy the side-to-side bends I’d seen other kids do. However, the front truck hit a rock that I hadn’t seen. I flew off and skidded down the hill on the outside of my right thigh. Pebbles and bits of glass and so on got embedded there. It took hours to clean out. I’m very lucky. I could’ve hit my head, and me with no helmet!

Instead of going to the doctor, my aunt just picked out the detritus, doused the wound liberally with hydrogen peroxide and got one of those gauze bandage things and taped it up. I washed it carefully over the next few days and replicated the peroxide and gauze bandage procedure. Then, about a week or so later, I was sitting in class (school was almost out for the term) and noticed that my jeans were sticking to my thigh, and that there was a huge wet spot there. I won’t tell you the colour of the wound when the nurse inspected it, but suffice to say that I was immediately hustled off to hospital and treated. Another couple of days and it would have been full-fledged gangrene.

After that, I stuck with roller skates on the sidewalk – and no tricks. I have a pair of rollerblades that I use in the park (with knee and wrist guards and a helmet) and a pair of ice skates now. I haven’t been back on a skateboard since.

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I too got years of enjoyment from my metal, four-wheeled skates that I clamped to my oxfords (hard soled shoes) with the metal skate key.

Decades later I tried on a pair of in-line skates (roller blades).
I stood up, rolled quickly out of control onto the street and fell hard on my buttocks.
I suffered simultaneously from uncontrollable laughter and minor injurious to my overinflated pride.

I have kept my vow to not repeat that performance!

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I had shoe roller skates, the kind you used a key with. I was in the 3rd or 4th grade and we were playing roller derby out in the street, back in the day kids played in the middle of the street. I had gotten up to a good speed when I lost one of my skates, fell and skidded on my face. The whole left side of my face was skinned off. It got yellow and pussy after a few days, but eventually healed without scaring.

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I don’t know how to roller skate. I can rollerblade. My friends and I built a ramp and tried jumping over trash cans. Well I didn’t clear the can and I busted my face on the street, and cracked a rib when I fell on the can.
But now I play street hockey.

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Skinned knees and bruises to my ego…mostly

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I was a very avid roller skater, but I did not experiment with dangerous tricks, so the worst I ever got was skinned knees from hitting imperfections in the sidewalk.

I loved skate dancing at the skating rink, and participated in skating exhibitions. In those days, kids could make money teaching other kids how to skate, so I had a lot of spending money during the summer.

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From the age 11–19 you would find me with a skateboard in my hand, (sometimes a guitar on my back too). I had many a minor injuries and 2 or 3 semi major and 1 major.

Minors were: Scrapes, bruises, pulling things.
Semi’s were: Bad sprains, getting knocked out.
The major was breaking my collar bone.

Going down a hill at 35mph on a skateboard is tough shit. Speed wobbles and then {Shhwooooff} board magically disappeared right out from under me and I was flying through the air. I landed on my shoulder in a roll that flipped me right back on to my feet. When my friends caught up to me to see if I was ok, I thought I was. That was until I went to pick up my board and my arm wouldn’t move. Then the most unbearable pain I’ve ever experienced hit me and I had to lie down and get them to call the meat wagon. That was when I was 16. Still skated after for 3 years. Shit, I was trying to skate a few weeks after the injury, lol.

It was a compound fracture. I snapped my collar bone twice, leaving it in 3 pieces.

Before I obtained a car, (the reason why most skaters stop skating) I was doing 360 flips with ease and starting to get down hard flips. Slides, grinds galore. I only skated street, never tried vert and didn’t really have any ambition to do so.

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@Axemusica Many skaters stop because they suddenly have to start paying their own medical bills.

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@YARNLADY haha, yea that too. That was another reason why I stopped. I would’ve been screwed if I couldn’t make it to work.

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I owned none. Solely because i was too scared to use them because of all the potential nasty and painful injuries one could get while using them. Scraping my body on a tar road has never been on my “to do” list in life. :)

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