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Help me with my sunburn?

Asked by xStarlightx (416points) June 30th, 2010

So yesterday I got a really bad sunburn and its so bad that little bubbles are popping up on my skin.

Ive been putting loads of lotion on to try and cool off my skin but I dunno what else I could do.

What do you guys think?

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I would try aloe.Keep it in the fridge.

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I don’t think body lotion would help, but if you’d buy cooling gel for sunburn, that stuff relaxes the itchy, irritated skin, and helps healing faster.

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If you have bubbles, then you have blistered.

“Care of blisters

Home treatment may help decrease pain, prevent infection, and help the skin heal.

Small, unbroken blisters [less than 1 in. across] usually heal on their own.

* Do not try to break the blisters. Just leave them alone.
* Do not cover the blisters unless something such as clothing is rubbing against them. If you do cover them, apply a loose bandage. Secure the bandage so the tape does not touch the blisters. Do not wrap tape completely around a hand, arm, foot, or leg, because it could cut off the blood supply if the limb swells. If the tape is too tight, you may develop symptoms below the level of the tape, such as numbness, tingling, pain, or cool and pale or swollen skin.
* Avoid wearing clothes or shoes or doing activities that rub or irritate the blisters until they have healed.”

That’s from Web, M.D., which aslo gives the treatment for sunburn.

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“If you have bubbles, then you have blistered.”

Not necessarily. They could be sweat bubbles. I like those.

Sweat forming under the previously burned and now dead skin. Preventing the body from Sweating through the skin.That moisture trapped and forming bubbles.

I usually slather myself with vitamin E lotion.

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How long does it take for the skin to start pealing and healing?

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It may take a week or more for the healing.

Be very careful if the you start getting redden or white area you may have an infection.

Cool tea soaked towels ( the towels should be dark colored ) will take the sting out.

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I use layer upon layer of aloe vera. Let on application dry and then apply the next. Do this as many times as you can stand. For a normal burn, my skin is recovered by the next day.

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I had the worst sunburn of my life last summer. My face and shoulders started blistering the night of the burn. The following day the blisters would randomly start oozing, it was so disgusting. The only thing that helped me was vitamin E oil. It is fairly inexpensive, and helps with the healing process. I think it took about two weeks for the pealing process to start and finish.

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There is no magic way to increase the healing process. It depends on your overall health and ability to repair the damage, and the severity of the damage.

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Tonight I got some Jergens Soothing Aloe Relief, its supposed to help with burns it says on the back, I guess its made with Aloe Vera, I hope it gets better but it feels like my skin is melting off the lotion.

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You need to soak a rag in cold water and lay it over your sunburn for 5–10 minutes at least once per two hours. When your skin is blistered like that, dryness from healing becomes a serious issue, so you need to make sure the affected area stays moist. Also the cool water will give you temporary relief from the heat of the skin. Try to alternate a water soak with aloe lotion, I wouldn’t use regular skin lotion on a sunburn like that. Whatever you do, avoid touching your sunburned skin directly. When/if the blisters burst and the skin peels, consider an antibacterial lotion to prevent infection.

I learned all this the hard way from a ridiculously intense sun/wind burn picked up while skiing back in my high school years. Took me between 1–2 weeks to recover, and I had to miss school for it. Spent all day lying on the kitchen floor, switching between ice-cold water-soaked rags and rags soaked in an antibacterial solution.

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I put this in another post, but the aloe gels particularly with lidocaine work well for soothing.

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