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My iPhone was stolen today, what should I do?

Asked by ezraglenn (3499points) March 18th, 2008

It was stolen out of my (stupidly unlocked) high school gym locker, along with all of my money ($20, obviously not as big of a deal). What course of action should I follow?

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First off, I would file a police report and whatever sort of paperwork you can file with your school. Go through your receipts, and records to get the serial number. Without that there’s very little proof that the iPhone would be your if it is recovered.

I would also try and question anyone in the area around the time. Or ask around if anyone is selling an iPhone, or have a friend do it to stay discreet. Also put a WTB (wanted to buy) ad on Craigslist. You might be able to snag it back if the crook is stupid enough.

Other than that, I don’t know of any tricky methods though AT&T or Apple. Hopefully it works out for you. But again, I would stress that you remain proactive about it. Good luck.

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Sure its stolen and not misplaced? I’ve made that mistake before. If your sure, Spargett has the right idea. Hope you find it.

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It was very obviously stolen, as both of my pant’s pockets were emptied of valuables. I filed a report with my school, and am in the process of getting it deactivated. I have very serious doubts about ever getting it back.

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You need to call both Apple and AT&T. Apple maintains a listing of stolen serial numbers I believe and thus the person who stole it would not be able to register it in their name for use. Of course this is a moot point if you neglected to record the serial numbers of items that you purchase. AT&T may be able to give you the serial number if you verify account holder info with them. Either way you should notify both of the serial number and ATT that it is stolen in case the person attempts to activate it.

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Oh man. I’m so sorry about your phone. I felt sick when I read this question, I can only imagine how you feel. If it makes you feel any better, one time I got a 3,000 dollar bike stolen because I’m a dumbass too. We live and learn my friend.

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Thankfully, I do have the serial. Does this need to be done over the phone or can I do it online?

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Pretty sure it must be done by phone. Also, I’d post a note to Craigslist For Sale items in your region with a WARNING: STOLEN iPHONE, and list the serial number in the post. That way the guy won’t be able to sell it. If he can’t activate it and he can’t sell it, at least you will have some satisfaction.

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Also you may want to throw up a web page with some keywords and content and the serial number and get it indexed by google, in case someone checks the serial number in Google then your page and message will come up.

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May also want to visit each of the local AT&T stores nearest you to notify them in case the guy heads there to buy a charger or earphones, which he will likely do.

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I worked as a repair technician for an Apple Authorized Repair Center. Every time we checked in a machine we’d run the serial, which would flag a stolen machine. There were quite a few times the police made a trip to the store to arrest the person who just thought they were going to pick up their goods. Very Dateline-ish.

I don’t know if AT&T or Apple themselves has this system in place, but it’d be good to ask.

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I would do as spargett said and also have the school make some sort of announcement.

If anyone knows about a stolen iphone to come forward and say something and if you did take it you can turn it into the office without any questions. If they want they can give the information anonymously. It’s worked in the past when something of mine was taken from my locker.

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Experiencing iPhone totally sucks! I too went through this – my iPhone got stolen the other week when I was out to dinner – I turned my back on it for less than thirty seconds so who ever stole it was fast and good.
With the serial number I reported the iPhone stolen on this web site for reporting stolen property:
I really hope it catches the dirty thief that stole my phone!

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OMG. I lost my IPHONE today too, i just get it for christmass. only a week agon. some one stolen . I want to CRY :(

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hello everyone
i have bought an iphone few month ago and i kept using it after few month it stopped working as soon as i tried to update the new itunes update . now it keep asking me to jailbrake it so i tried to blackrain it but it does not work exactly when the logo of black rain shows up mine stop working and screen turns black and the black rain logo never comes up………..
i afraid that maybe the iphone i bought was stolen and i bought it so thats why its happend apple might have block the serial number..
i dont know .. i need help to solve this matter
pls contact me at

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You should hope to God you bought mobile me. If you did log onto it on a PC and lock or wipe the phone, then locate it.Then breathe a sigh of relief because you backed up all your info with iDisk.

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If you don’t have the serial or IMEI number recorded, you can still get it from your last backup info off iTunes, even if phone is not connected:

sung0917's avatar <- Is this site trustworthy?

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I found the best website to report a stolen iPhone online:, it appears on the search engines by serial number a day after reporting!

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