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What are your Chopped ingredients?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) June 30th, 2010

For those that aren’t familiar with Chopped, here it is:

What 4 ingredients would you like to see a challenger work with? Please tell us if the ingredients are for an appetizer, main course or dessert.

Imaginary bonus points if you can tell us what you would make with any 4 ingredients posted by others. ;)

I would love to have a dessert made with butterscotch, pomegranate seeds, Keebler Club original crackers and cheddar cheese.

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However you want to use them. I usually use them for a breakfast side.

red bell pepper, sharp cheddar cheese, mushroom, onion

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eggs, anchovies, blackberries, baked beans

appetizer round…..this looks like a hard basket….

even I question raw purple onions now.

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Ginger, mutton, seaweed, and garlic. For dinner, maybe? That’d be kinda weird for breakfast.

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Leg of lamb, cranberries, onions, red wine.

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Beenie-weenies, matzo crackers, peaches and jelly beans.

I have no idea what would be done with them- but I’d love to see someone try!

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Tomatos, cheese, bread crumbs, shrimp

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I love that show! Forgive me, I just figured out how to make my type look like that.

I am a lousy cook but I will try to come up with three ingredients as exotic as some of the ones good old Ted comes up with… beets, edamame, venison, and sherbet!

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Ew, ew, ew, and YUM! lol

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I was once tricked into eating Elk raviole….blech!

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I’ve eaten reindeer. It was actually pretty good. :-)

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Yeah..the Elk wasn’t too bad, until I learned what it really was..psych out! lol

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Chopped Chilean Seabass, Chopped onion, chopped cilantro, and chopped habanero peppers, marinated in freshly squeezed key lime juice>>>>Makes Awesome Ceviche

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Ceviche and Cerveza!

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Dessert: milk chocolate, white chocolate, cream, marzipan. (and i want something moussey done with the chocolates :D )

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avocado,pine nuts,shallots,basil

@WestRiverrat may I join you? I would sauté the onions, red pepper, and mushrooms in butter or virgin olive oil [or a mix of both] wuth a lot of minced garlic and a spritz of wine; melt the cheese on top and put them in or on your breakfast eggs [or eat em right out of the pan]. I do this often

@Coloma why did it matter if it was elk if it tasted good and you are a meat eater?

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@Coloma ceviche and cerveza combine so naturally in the stomach. Perhaps that is all the cooking required.

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rice flour, chocolate, cheddar cheese, and… amaretto? I´d make an exotic tamale maybe? Hey can we copyright the ideas we write here? Scratch the amaretto, switch it for small chunks of hardened caramelized sugar for a different texture

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I´d make a flan with coloma´s ingredients?

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how about a cheesecake or tart with your ingredients? kind of an obvious choice though. Or it could be a trifle

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