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Fastest way to cramming on 19th & 20th Century European & American Art?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) July 2nd, 2010

What is the best source to go to for cramming on 19th & 20th century European & American Art in general?
If there are areas within those aforementioned that can be overlooked to speed up the process, which are they? For now, just looking for a website and/or a book title or two that one could tackle in a few days of intense studying. Methodology suggestions are welcomed as well.

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What are you looking to learn it for? (It really will influence the rest of my answer)

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I came across this recently. Good stuff.

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Lets say to be able to converse intelligently about the subject.

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@ Ipso, you are good! Lurve to you!

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So just a very basic overview with a few social connections thrown in?

Start here with episode seven. (same link as ipso- haha)

Next, go to here for the entire series as an overview of sociological movements in art as well as dealing with the human experience. I’m adding this because to truly sound like you know what you’re talking about, one needs to have correlation and examples from other times.

Timeline of art history from the MMA.

Test basic famous painting identification here.

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Try reading the appropriate chapters in Jansson’s History of Art. It is one of the standard texts in the field and has several editions; the most recent edition is less Eurocentric so you may prefer a previous one for your purposes. Almost any library should have a copy you can borrow.

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Thanks @janbb. Lurve to you =)

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