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What would you put on your canvas at this moment? (2)

Asked by Jeruba (45930points) July 3rd, 2010

I loved this question of more than a year ago from Dog and think this is a fine time to pose it again.

Dog’s question asks:

Suppose you’re an artist. If you were going to create a painting in your present mood, what would you paint? What colors would you use?

How would you put your present state of mind into a picture?

@Dog, I hope you don’t mind my coopting your question like this. I’d just love to see a fresh set of responses.

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I would paint a wonderful red and yellow gold chinese dragon flying through the air with two kids on its back.

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My canvas would be split with contrasting colors on each side. One side would have reds and purples, while the other side would have blues and greens. The red and purple would represent the happiness I have about some aspects of my life right now and the blue and green would represent my sadness and envy.

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I’d use the colors in my avatar of sea glass, maybe add some violet in there too. I’m feeling very content and soothed which is how the ocean colors get me. I love working with oils, just the smell and textures of them are fun.

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My painting shows a warrior resting on his sword, surrounded by the dark shapes of thousands of bodies. His face is covered in blood and sweat, but his stance is relaxed. A shaft of sunlight enters from the corner of the canvas, which provides a sharp glint of sunlight on the golden crest of his helmet. His bright sliver armour gleams despite the damage, and his face is strangely serene.

I feel as if I have been fighting for too long, and although I am tired and stained, I am relaxed and ready to fight once more. The light on the helmet is to signify that the battle is purely mental, and any victory is a victory of the mind against that which would drag it down.

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Fun question!

I think my current mood is very affected by the music I’m listening to but… I’m imagining a cliff, overlooking a vast expanse of prairie. There is a man, sitting on the edge of the cliff, his legs are hanging down. He is looking up at the sky. It’s past sunset. The sky no longer shows any red, there are stars visible in the up-most part, and a thin sliver of light blue lines the horizon. The man and the top part of the cliff are basically just a dark silhouette. The observer would be standing on the cliff a few feet away from the man.

The entire painting is done with a simple palette, just black and a few shades of blue for the sky; as calm as the scene it’s portraying.

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I see a purple heart, a bit bruised, surrounded by orange and light with a small flower trying to grow strong.
and a peace sign in the bottom corner.

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I see a sleepy grey-blue mist at the top of the canvas with a strain of vibrant purple/green struggling vines trying to break through a crust of angry red and orange repressing it downwards, with a tiny white butterfly of hope in the top right corner.

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Tranquil blue, aqua, and grayish ocean on one half of the canvas. Blue sky with hints of violets. Right in the middle a fiery ball of yellow, and orange with a reddish outline rising where the ocean and sky meet.

Actually, it looks better in my mind than it does in writing:-P

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A stylized painting of a phoenix emerging from muddy ashes. Lots of red and orange.

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I don’t know about how I feel, but I just watched Ghostbusters. I would totally put this badass wicked gargoyle on my canvas.

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Something black and blue concentrated in the center..splashing outwards…this is because I feel a migraine coming on.

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I just watched Sexy Beast and Dead man. I hope neither of them infuuence a canvas, though I enjoyed both movies immensely. If I could I’d use irridescent shades that belnd and change with the angle of view, gold to green, blue to violet, green to blue. Idlike a gentle wash of color to cover the canvas but with the impression that there is room to add things in places. I remember hearing before that to an artist, a painting is never really finished, they just stop working on them.
I like the idea of possibilities.

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Gesso. Then a dark sepia wash.

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A huge spread of an indulgent feast laid out over a massive table lined with empty chairs, a human brain, a third of the way sliced like a loaf of bread on a golden plate, a spilled glass of red wine staining the white cloth. annnnd a boombox hanging from the ceiling like a chandelier.

I’m kind of glad I can’t paint.

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It would be a sunrise full of reds and oranges and reflecting off an ocean view with a coffee cup in the foreground and a flock of birds soaring across the horizon. I love ocean scenes….

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Red, multiple shades. Form them into the shape of a face. The face is similar to the stereotypical appearance of an alien, with a round forehead shaping into a pointy chin, along with big black eyes and a small mouth. The nose is barely visible; only display a couple of slit-like nostrils.

The alien head is surrounded by purple and black with white streaks coming down from the top of the painting in a slant.

His body is small and frail, painted with the same red as the face. He is in a bar. The slants of white are from lights that are eluded to. He holds a drink in the hand of a chimp, obviously attached at the shoulder. I wouldn’t have any confusion that it’s his arm. His other arm is a man’s arm, which is resting on the bar in front of him. His legs are hidden behind the bar, and the bottom of the bar is hidden in shadows.

To the right, there is cursive text that says, “You and me and the devil makes three.” Over the other shoulder, there is a barely visible woman’s face. Hidden like that second presidential face on American money.

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A pair of glasses & a smile. Hooray for Harold Lloyd, he’s a funny guy.

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4 Aces and a King. Playing on-line poker at this minute and would paint myself a winning hand. I’d paint a straight flush but I need to be reasonable. Also, WSOP starts this weekend.

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Black gesso than acrylic texture medium built into orange yellows, pink orange, and scarlet red which I blend and brush on the canvas to give the impression of hibiscus.

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