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Why doesn't my bunny hop?

Asked by clairejay (10points) July 3rd, 2010

I just got a baby bunny, rescued because the others found in the nest were dead. He’s definitely a newborn because he doesn’t know how to hop yet, but in watching him I’ve noticed instead of using his hind legs to hop, he’s teaching himself to use them to walk, like any other 4-legged animal. Is this normal for rabbits?

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He’s a baby. Keep an eye on him though. I rescued a kitten once who had a birth defect that left him with two totally crippled back legs. He was never able to walk and I had to have him put down. But I really think the issue with your bunny is really nothing to worry about. He will most likely be fine. And BTW, are you sure the mother isn’t around any more? It might be too late anyway. Take good care of him.

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Well yes.

If he is a newborn he is only able to crawl.

I’d be a lot more concerned about whether or not you have the know how and skill to keep him alive right now.

Everything crawls before it walks or hops.

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well we found him right before a huge storm (i’m in texas so the weather is horrible due to the hurricane) so i didn’t wait for the mother to return, and yes, it is too late to let him go, but we’ve had baby bunnies before and they’ve turned out just fine, i’ve just never noticed the walking issue so i didn’t know if this was normal..

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Start hopping around him. Show him how to hop hop hop. Are you hopping yet?

Start hopping now now NOW! Yes? No? I don’t believe you! Start hopping and take a picture and post it as your avatar. You must do this completely naked! The poor little bunny is naked… right?

You know what you must do… Now START HOPPING!!!

pictures please

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies If you imagine yourself to be some kind of “bunny whisperer,” well, I know this is kind of cold, but I think you have a ways to go. :-)

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I hop you’re satisfied!

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Perhaps he needs music?

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